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Just recently we uploaded a new drum video. It’s one of the several covers we filmed and recorded a few weeks ago. Seems like I still haven’t ran out of Blink-182 songs to cover, so here’s another Travis Barker classic. The Blink album Take Off Your Pants And Jacket has THE best sounding drums ever made. Actually we try to mimic that namely drum sound on our own recordings too. In addition to the sound, Barker’s playing on that record is also top notch. Here’s my take on Online Songs from that album.

We did a couple of tries of this. The stick throw in the beginning of this take was so ridiculous I had to nail the rest of the song. And fortunately I did! 😀

I love to play fast tracks, as they’re always challenging and have lots of energy infused. This quickie has a tempo fast enough to make the kick drum work hard with all the double strokes. However, once you get the beat rolling with the double stroke kicks, the groove is easier to find.

The coolest and probably the most recognizable licks drum-wise are the hihat chicks on the verse beat. To master them and keep the beat flowing you need to invert the feel of the beat for a while. As you normally lead with the bass drum, on the hihat part the lead has to be done with the snare instead. In other words, on the back beat. It would be cool to keep the hihat playing the 16th notes while doing the chicks, but that just really messes the beat’s power.

I had this song in kind of an “almost learned” state for a long time. What kept bugging me was the ride beat on the C part (starting at 1:49 on the video). It has a nasty but very cool overlapping double stroke beating. The right hand on ride and right foot on the bass drum do off-setting double strokes. I guess I tried to over think the part and got messed up. I finally got it by having the left hand count the beat on the snare all the time while learning the right limbs’ offset double strokes. If you try to learn it with the right hand and foot only, it’s hard to add the snare on it’s right spots later.

Seems I still have many songs to cover from this album. They’re not the easiest ones to do, and it’s not a learning thing, but it requires to get the feel of the song right. Take Off Your Pants And Jacket has so much groove on the drums it makes the songs harder to master. You can learn the parts on paper, but still have to get inside the songs feel.

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  1. Mahtavuutta! Hei tää nyt ei silleen liity oikeestaan millään tavalla mihinkään. Mutta ajattelin udella, että jos teiän jokaisen pitäis sanoo joku herkku mitä vaan ei voi vastustaa nii mitkä ne olis :DD

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