Playlist: Best Forever The Sickest Kids Songs

This week we present to you our favorite songs by Forever The Sickest Kids. Let’s go!

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1. Keep On Bringing Me Down
This has been my ringtone for some years now. I chose it because I needed something that would cut through all the background noise. Nowadays this song alerts me immediately when I hear it and I start to look at my phone.

2. Good Life
The intro starting with the bass is great, every song should start like that! Another part I enjoy is the stuttering vocal hook at the end of the chorus, which definitely one of the best singalong parts there is.

3. She Likes (Bittersweet Love)
I haven’t really listened The Weekend: Friday EP a lot on my own. So when I hear this song, it reminds of Summer and our road trips to different venues. That is an awesome feeling especially right now in the middle of the Winter.



4. Take It Slow
The Weekend: Friday EP was my first touch to this band, and was introduced to me by Tom. The sheer energy and powerful songs caught my attention. What made these songs cool was the fact that despite being powerful, they weren’t heavy at all. This song is one of the best ever! The mood change from verse to chorus is a brave arrangement and I like it. FTSK has this kind of crazy twist on their songs, and it really intrigues me.

5. Whoa Oh! (Me Vs Everyone)
After listening to the forementioned EP, the self-titled record didn’t punch me as hard. However, the band’s first record Underdog Alma Mater had the cool craziness and uptempo feeling that I had liked on the EP. This song opens the album, and has nice heavy drums and vocal trickery. The chorus is perfect to shout along!

6. Cross My Heart
I really like their freshly released album J.A.C.K, which always reminds me of All Time Low’s Jack. I listened to the album a lot during last summer, so it brings back warm memories. I think the album really is an entity, and it’s kind of hard to pick any best songs out of it. In other words, the tracks themselves aren’t super hits, but together they combine a nice meal. This particular song reminds the most of old FTSK, and that’s why I picked it. The beat on the chorus is cool, since people rarely play it on choruses.




7. What Do You Want From Me
This was the first FTSK song that I ever heard! I think it was Tom that told me to listen to this. I really love how this song is like straight from a “how to make perfect pop-punk song”-guide. It has all the elements: great basic riff, awesome lyrics and melody that you remember always after hearing the song for first time. C-part goes to a minor chord-mood and then cheers up on the last chorus. Classic!

8. She’s a Lady
I just really love it when the song goes straight to the point! This one captures you right from the beginning. The walkin’ bass line on the verse is priceless. In my opinion it’s something nice and different from all those 8th notes that bass players always play on this kind of songs. I just wish this album would have a better sound. It feels like the “kick” is missing from it even if I can hear how great the riffs are! On the C-part, somehow, the piano-hook always catches my ear, it works on so many levels!

9. Nikki
I really liked how this song has some modern R’n’B influences and still sounds like a classic pop-punk song. This is the future! haha 😉 I can also sense some connections to Foo Fighters on this one…. AND it’s nice to hear guitar solos for a change! Again, I rant about the lyrics, but I just love reading them. On this one it’s a bitter-sweet story about two people who are just too different for each other. And I really think the mood of this song really works great with these lyrics! I also love the breakdown before the second verse, really nicely programmed drum-stuff there!



10. Hip Hop Chick
This is a song that’s probably pretty annoying to some but I just love it! That’s why it’s one of my favorite songs from FTSK. It’s annoyingly simple and genius. And so good! Listen to that hihat go!

11. Playing With Fire
Alongside Keep Calm and Don’t Let Go, Playing With Fire is my favorite song from J.A.C.K. It has those good old FTSK vibes in the verses. And those vocal lines are just pure gold. After the initial mixed feelings I got after hearing the singles released before the new album, hearing this song got me assured that there’s a bright future ahead for this band.

12. What Happened To Emotion? (Killing Me)
I could’ve picked a few of the songs form the self titled album but since no one picked this one I just had to. And what a great song it is! The piano intro and the awesome chorus make it one of the best FTSK songs ever.

Here we go. What’s your favorite FTSK song?


Briefly in Finnish:

Tällä viikolla vuorossa yhen parhaista bändeistä parhaat biisit. Eli Forever The Sickest Kids -lista. Biisit ja perustelut yllä.

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