Playlist: What I got for Christmas

The Holidays are approaching so we decided to list some songs from albums we’ve gotten for past Christmases. Let’s get to it!

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1. Metallica – Holier Than Thou
Metallica S/T was one of my first CDs so I listened to it all the time, since I had nothing else. I remember that I played One Must Fall 2097 while listening to this. It’s maybe the only fighting game that I might have been good at. You just got to love those endless combos and the main theme. However, I replaced the theme with Metallica.

2. Beastie Boys – Body Movin’
Anthology: The Sound Of Sience was also one of my first CDs. It’s the best of collection from Beastie Boys, which I wanted mainly because of Body Movin’, Intergalactic and Sabotage. All of them have great videos that played on MTV and MoonTV all the time when I was young.

3. Neljä Baritonia – Pop-musiikkia
For a while I thought I wanted to listen to the lyrics in music, so I wanted to hear some Finnish tunes. It turned out that it didn’t really make the difference, I still listened to everything else than the lyrical content. The intro riff is quite distracting, since it reminds me so much of the opening riff of Alive by Santa Cruz.



4. E-type – Angels Crying
I remember getting an E-type album on Christmas when I was a kid. And not just any E-type album, the one with the smash hit Angels Falling. That was probably the only song I listend from the whole album. Not really sure how this holds up today… 😀

5. Dream Theater – Instrumedley [Live at Budokan]
It was probably the Christmas of 2004 when I got Dream Theater’s Live at Budokan live dvd. I was a huge Dream Theater fan at the time – and still am to some extent. I remember watching the dvd for like twice a day the whole holidays. It’s still one of the best live dvd’s with a great production value.

6. Kent – 747
The best way to get someone into listening to a band is to give them a CD on Christmas. That’s probably what happened here. I must’ve listened to one or two of Kent’s albums when I got Isola on Christmas. Nowadays I like pretty much everything they’ve done.




7. Charon – Christina Bleeds
I remember really well when I got Charon’s Tearstained as a christmas gift. This album blew my mind! I hadn’t listened to this type of “easy-listening” metal before, and it was a real eye-opener to hear all these great riffs with clean and very melodic vocals. I listened to this CD so much on my walkman that in the end it didn’t work at all. This band was also from Raahe (where im from) and me and my friends used to look up to these guys really much. Out first real band really wanted to make music like this. Christina Bleeds is still a great song and I get chills everytime I hear JP singing. He’s awesome!

8. Iron Maiden – The Wicker Man [Live Rock in Rio]
Iron Maiden was my favorite band when I was younger. I actually got this DVD as a christmas gift, but there’s also a cd from that concert. It was awesome to watch Iron Maiden and eat christmas chocolate as a kid! I remember watching this DVD also with my old band mates, we were all stoked about this back then. Wicker Man was from my favorite Maiden album “Brave New World”, and it still is. It’s awesome how thousands of people are screaming the chorus and the band is on fire!

9. Deep Purple – Fireball
I actually got “Purple Hits – Best of” double CD as a christmas gift. This CD really got me into listening to Deep Purple. I really love this song. It even has a really harsh bass-solo! It’s also nice to hear music with no auto-tune or anything that has been “fixed” 🙂 Theres so many good songs that it’s really hard to just choose one…



10. Metallica – No Leaf Clover [S&M]
I was a HUGE Metallica fan for a couple of years, and this was the first actual album I got from the band. The previous ones I had of course downloaded with Napster. 😉 This is one of the coolest live albums due to the symphonic orchestra playing with James & Co. This particular is not the best song ever, but it’s a curiosity, as it was composed just for this show.

11. Deicide – Lunatic Of God’s Creation
Oh the irony when a child asks a Deicide record to celebrate the birthday of Jesus! I’ve been exploring the extreme end of metal genre for a lot. Of all that, death metal – especially the American tradition from the 90’s – has a solid stand in my playlists every now and then. Deicide is one of those metal bands that have a hint of unintended humor, due to sensational over-seriousness and all too many Satan’s in the lyrics. Actually, if someone told me Satan walks among us, I would absolutely bet he’s actually Glen Benton.

12. Limp Bizkit – My Generation
My friends talked about this cool band that had heavy riffs and rapping. I didn’t know much besides that, and asked this record for Christmas. I was hooked instantly, and my pants got even baggier after listening to Fred Durst.

That’s it for the week. Happy Holidays you guys!


Briefly in Finnish:

Jouluhan se sieltä tulee. Tällä viikolla listattiin biisejä levyiltä joita ollaan saatu joskus aikasempina jouluina lahjaksi. Tsekkaa biisit perusteluineen yllä!

Ja hei hyvää joulua kaikille!

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