So what happened to MadCraft in 2013?



We have a great feeling about the upcoming year and we definitely intend to make it the year of #teamMadCraft. Heck, let’s do that together!

As 2014 is knocking on the door, it’s a good idea to take a look at what happened in the year 2013. This past year has been one of the most solid years we’ve had so far and we’re all set to achieve great things next year!

2014_teammadcraftBy the end of 2012 we had our line-up running stronger than ever before. After introducing Jesse as our bass player in the beginning of 2012 we’d had good time to get to know the whole fella. And what a fella he is! One of the most talented and sharpest bass players I’ve met.

We had recorded most of our acoustic album Unplugged during 2012 and were in the final phase of mixing the whole thing together. We had released most of the songs as a series of music videos earlier in 2012. Since all the songs we’re recorded at different times we had to make sure they sounded similar when put together for a release. So I had to go back and mix some of the songs again and I even recorded some of the vocal parts again since they weren’t up to par with some later ones of the acoustic songs.

We finally got Unplugged out in the beginning of February I think. It was nice to have all the songs on Spotify and iTunes at last.

2013 started pretty strong gig-wise as well. We got to play one of the biggest venues up to that point when we opened for One Morning Left at Nosturi, Helsinki in February. They’re definitely a crazy but fun bunch of dudes.

We also started working on a new song by doing some demoing and recording drums. Playing shows at the same time of course. One of them was at On The Rocks, Helsinki where we got some nice pictures.


In the beginning of 2013 our YouTube channel had started to push a lot stronger. In March we passed 1 500 subscribers and 300 000 total views. That felt like an insane amount of views at the time. Most of them was of course thanks to Otto’s bad-ass drum covers but our own music videos were doing pretty well too.

We had already scheduled a few shows abroad for May. Three shows in Czech and one in Germany. We were really stoked about the upcoming mini-tour abroad. We love to play shows and it’s always fun as hell to go play outside Finland.

But then something unexpected happened. A couple weeks before we were set to leave, Otto found his wrist all swollen and in pain. We all feared he’d broken it or had something worse that could prevent him from playing ever again. We had to cancel our shows in Czech and German and Otto had to take a break from playing and get his wrist healed. Fortunately after a few doctor’s appointment and a month or two of taking it easy, Otto was all set to pick up the sticks again.

b-i-MadCraft-04In May our music video for Everybody Say passed 20 000 views and we had finished recording the new song we had been working on. The song set out to be Happy Song of course and at this point we had just started filming the music video.

We did some shows and prepared Happy Song for release. Filmed the music video, took some new pics for the single cover, finished the mix of the song and had it mastered with Dan Swanö.

On 4th of July 2013 we released the music video for Happy Song. Months of hard work behind us we we’re stoked about how it turned out. This was definitely one of the coolest things we had released so far.

July was a great month. Only a few days after releasing Happy Song we got word of a possibility to open up for the legendary Bam Margera at his show in Helsinki. At this point Otto was bouncing on the walls and the rest of us high-fived like hell.


And by the end of July we got to do it. We got to open for Bam Margera!

Imagine that. That very same man from that TV show we had all watched for years was now sharing a stage with us. The venue was packed and we had a blast. I would definitely do that again any day of the week.

We kept ourselves busy playing shows and shooting new drum covers all the time. By September Happy Song had already passed 10 000 views on YouTube.

September was a cool month since we got to play a show in Bergen, Norway. It was as a part of the Artists In The Plus Online Music Festival. They flew us out there and we got to play for an amazing audience at the venue and all over the world watching online. It’s truly amazing what an active community can achieve worldwide online. This is the future folks!

In October we released our first full-band cover ever. We’d always played covers on stage but never really put them on tape. With about two dozens of drum covers under our belts we decided to record one of our favorite cover songs. I think we’re definitely going to release more next year!

Well after that it’s been more quiet. You might guess the reason why. Earlier we had sent a demo to take part in UMK – the new music competition where the winner gets to represent Finland in the upcoming Eurovision contest.

We got a phone call telling us we made it to the top 12! That meant the rest of the year was spent pretty much in silent preparation of the things to come. We would run in meetings, promo shoots and TV shoots.


In December it was public. We were in the top 12 of #UMK14. We got to be on TV and will continue to get to be next year.

So that was pretty much it. A lot has happened in 2013.

And you know what? We’re currently at over 4 500 subscribers and 730 000 total views on YouTube. That is just insane.

We’d like to thank all of you for the past year and hey, let’s make the year 2014 the year of #teamMadCraft. Right?!

Have a great new year!
-Tom, Juho, Jesse and Otto


Ps. suomi-versioo tulee parin päivän sisään :p

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