Top 5 reasons why Twitter is awesome for bands



Twitter is awesome! There’s no denying that. 500+ million users and 58 million tweets every day speak for that fact alone.

And I finally got Otto and Jesse convinced about Twitter being awesome. So now it’s double the awesome for me with all the guys of the band up and tweeting.

Besides everything else you might use Twitter for, it is a great platform for bands to stay connected and fans to follow bands and musicians. Here are my Top 5 reasons why that is so awesome!


1. Connect with your fans

Twitter is all about the here and the now. How are you feeling right now? What’s the song blasting through your headphones? That’s why the lifespan of a tweet is much shorter than the one of a comment on Facebook or YouTube.

Twitter is also about volume. The sheer amount of short lived tweets make sure that only the people who really want to – or just happen to – read them, will do so.

These two combined make the situation where the threshold for your fans getting in touch with you via Twitter is much lower than on other social media platforms. And why you shouldn’t be afraid to be replying, retweeting and favoriting like crazy.

And remember: buzz will create more buzz. Be active and soon your band’s Twitter will be buzzing like a beehive.


2. Connect with fellow bands and musicians

For all the same reasons mentioned earlier Twitter is also a great way to connect to your fellow bands and musicians. Follow the people you find interesting and the bands you like and inspire from.

Shout out, get to know them and help each other out. The threshold even for established musicians to reply to the not-yet-so-established ones is much lower on Twitter.

Your fans might even know some great upcoming bands you haven’t heard of yet. Who knows maybe you’ll find a band to go on tour with!


3. Find the people who like your music

If you’ve ever released anything you’ve probably googled your band for reviews. What’s even more interesting than finding what a small selected group of people are saying about your music, is finding out what a lot of people are saying about your music.

I know, I know… A lot can be a fairly relative term here. Especially if your band is not a huge success yet. But nontheless, it’s definitely interesting to see what comes up when you type the name of your band in the Twitter search bar.

And hey, the good thing about not being a huge success yet is this. The people who make the effort to post something about your band on Twitter, are usually the ones who really like your music. So most of what you’ll find is probably something nice.

Of course when you do find the people who actually like your music enough to tweet about it, practice the advice from section 1. Make sure you let them know you appreciate it!

I have no idea how this has to do with anything but Juho told me to add this here.

4. N 2 Gether Now

The best way to experience Twitter is with your friends. Get your band-mates and crew together for a big tweet party. Have everyone tweet on their personal accounts about what’s hot at the moment. Make commentary and conversation about anything related to anything – or nothing. Maybe troll the drummer every now and then. Have fun!

You can make sure your fans know what’s going on by retweeting everything important and interesting with your official band account. And don’t shut anyone out who wants to join the party!


5. Give back

If you enjoy making music and connecting with your fans, you probably like making their day a bit better. That is something you can do quite easily on Twitter. Every now and then you just might make someone’s day just by following someone back or replying to their tweet.

And the feeling you get by making someone’s day is hundred times better than from being “cool” 🙂

If you’re on Twitter you can tweet us at @WorldOfMadCraft, @Tompori, @OttoMadCraft, @JuhoMadCraft and @JesseMalaska.

What’s the best thing about Twitter for your band or for following bands? Let us know in the comments!

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