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After a few years gifs are coming back to MadCraft’s roster. They are the most old school form of internet animation and on their best when they are short and repeat to infinity with full speed. Gifs can be extracted from videos, but personally I prefer gifs that are made from a series of actual photos. Video GIFs feel somehow fake and even too easy.

To be able to do a gif, you need a series of photos. Usually I just put my camera on burst mode and shoot as many photos as possible. Since I’m shooting raw, I get something like 5 fps, which is enough. Then I do some color correction to those photos in Lightroom.

Most obvious way to turn those photos into a gif would be by using Photoshop. However, it’s way too hard and time consuming so I wanted to find another solution. After some searching I found GIFFun. The site looks awful and looks like it’s full of viruses, but the app actually works.


The UI is quite is easy to use. All you need to do is to drag the folder of photos on the app and it immediately arranges them to a gif. You can adjust the delay of each frame separately, but of course I prefer 10, which is the fastest option. Since every gif should be as fast as possible, I suggest you set the delay automatically to 10 from the preferences. After that all you need to do is to click “Make Gif”.

Google Plus doesn’t really care about the size of gifs, but I think Tumblr has some restrictions. Some sources say that the dimensions shouldn’t exceed 500 px * 500 px and the file size should be less than 1 MB. Sadly, gifs are usually bigger, so you have to make them smaller.


Again, you could use photoshop or some app, but I found a site that is perfect for resizing and optimizing gifs. gives you every tool you need in a simple online editor. You just upload your gif and start editing.

Usually I start with resizing the gif to somewhere around 350 px – 500 px. If the gif is longer, the size has to be smaller to ensure smaller file size. After that I optimize to meet the file size restrictions. You can choose the number of colors between 1 and 256. Smaller amount of colors makes gifs more grainy, but even gifs with 128 color values are still usable.

When you get it all done with optimizing just upload your gifs to every social network and insert every hashtag you can come up with.

There you go! Now show us the most awesome gifs you’ve ever done. Post them in the comments!

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  1. Wow that is so cool! I’m bout to try it tomorrow.

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