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I finally had some spare time to make you a full score of Happy Song’s bass lines! I made both, notation and tabulatures and you can download them in the end of this post! I chose Happy Song because it has all the basic punk-bass habits going on in there… really fast syncopated picking, some melodic lines and holding the bottom of the song. This might be my favorite bass track I have recorded in years and I really wanted to share it with you all! 🙂

Sound: I used my ESP Vintage 4 precision bass when we recorded the song. I only used the P-pickup and played with pick (0.88mm triangles). I played pretty hard over the pickup, but tried not to overplay it. I also used some overdrive… At the moment I really cannot remember did I use Darkglass B3K or Aguilar AGRO, both of them are great. You only want to put little overdrive, just enough to get some compression and slight overdriven-harmonics on the top-end. I also used Aguilar amplification and Groovetubes “The Brick”-DI box, both set flat on the EQ.


Practicing the song: This song is pretty fast, so I recommend that you first read the notes/tabs slow and carefully before you start to play it with the CD. This way you will get all the notes right and you don’t have to rush when playing the song… Unless your prima vista skills are ultimate! 😉 You really should read the notation to get all the rythms right! If you don’t read sheet music, well you should practice it! 🙂 In the end it’s not that difficult! I included the tabs also for people that need it. Tabs are great when you want to see how to “finger” some patterns. There are some fills on the bass and on the tabs you can see how I play those!

Playing the song: You should try to keep your hands relaxed all the time. Pushing and forcing your hands to play fast will just hurt them. Start slow and work your way up to the speed. Listen to the kick-drum and memorize what Otto is playing here. Everything I played on this track relies on the his kick-drum! Try to mute all the strings you don’t play when playing the song, just to get all the unwanted notes away. And in the end… HAVE FUN! 🙂


TABS: Happy Song BassTAB1

I will make a video where I am showing how I play this song completely and slowed down.

I would love to see YOU play this song! So maybe make a youtube cover for it? Is there other songs you would love to have sheet music for?


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