New drum cover: Musta Barbaari – Salil eka salil vika



Howdy! Been a while since the last drum cover. The reason being this one time-consuming competition we had. But now that it’s over we’re finally back to the routine of doing all this stuff including new songs, gigs and of course the drum covers! It felt surprisingly good to be back behind the drums after the UMK-competition. Even though I sat behind the very same Ddrum-kit on the TV-shows as well, the playback-shit got pretty boring. At least I learned that to hear the sound I love out of my cymbals and drums is actually a vital part of playing the music I do. 😀

I’m back in business with a new drum cover. This time it’s a Finnish hip hop song. I’m not going to try to translate the name of the artist or the song. All you need to know is it’s a black guy rapping about pumping his body in the gym.

The song itself is one of these tongue-in-cheek rap songs that become popular via YouTube here in Finland. The first time hearing it I didn’t take it too seriously. At start the whole thing felt like a show off, but the showing is shot so high over the top that it’s actually good. He really is in good shape and his posse is genuinely into hitting the gym for real. And most importantly, he stabs the always hot racial discourse in an ironic way.

We got a closer contact with Musta Barbaari during the forementioned UMK-show, where he performed as a starring guest. He had his whole posse with him, and of course they hadn’t forgotten to bring their own gym equipment on stage. The whole show was wild, and I’m pretty sure it would own the points in an Eurovision song contest.


The reason I wanted to cover this song was not ONLY the fact that it’s popular in Finland right now. 😉 This track hit me with its genuine energy. It also has a nice tempo to it, and I love to jam on hip hop songs that don’t already have distinctive drums. I spent an evening learning the bass track of the song, which actually is one of the most catching elements in it! My kick drum follows the bass pattern, and that’s about it with the preparations. As with my previous 2pac cover, I wanted to improvise. Musta Barbaari actually raps a lot of praising words about Tupac in his piece.

The shuffly hihat groove I made up right before we started filming. And of that I’m actually pretty proud, since it was pretty hard to nail while playing the complicated bass pattern. I play ordinary 8th note beat on the hihat, but add a 16th note stroke on every second 8th note. I know how horrible that was described. If I was a theoretic or a teacher I could write it better, but unfortunately I only know how to play drums, not how to describe playing them. 😀 Just do what I do and learn with your ear, it’s enough for this kind of music!

At first I kept playing the closed hihat on the chorus as well. By accident I tried to play it with the hihat open, and instantly felt the energy gained from it. I think the open hihat playing adds nice energy to the already tight chorus.

Filming this one was the most fun we’ve had for a while in our rehearsal place. As Musta Barbaari has a posse, we had to have one on our video too. I remember not noticing Tom and Jesse coming in with their pumps in the end, since I was too concentrated on playing. Afterwards I’ve laughed so hard for the ending. Needless to say this drum cover has the best intro and the best ending of all drum videos yet. 😀

In Suomeks:

Piti kirjottaa tÀstÀ vielÀ enemmÀn suomeks ku englanniks, mut tuossahan sitÀ juttua tuli jo aika hyvin. Luulis aikalailla kaikkien suomalaisten tietÀvÀn Mustan Barbaarin, ja nimenomaan tÀstÀ biisistÀ. Onko sillÀ ees muita? Joka tapauksessa tÀÀ biisi on aivan loistava, yleensÀ en syty nÀille viraalihiteille, mut tÀÀ on sopivalla tavalla överi ja kuitenkin aika aitoo menoo. Noiden possella on varmaan oikeesti just noin kova meno salilla.

Itse asiassa pÀÀsin todistamaan sitĂ€ menoa kun MB oli kavereineen vetĂ€mĂ€ssĂ€ meidĂ€n UMK-karsintalĂ€hetyksen vierailevana tĂ€htenĂ€. Ne tĂ€ytti koko backstage-alueen painoillansa ja punnersi siellĂ€ aamusta saakka ennen lĂ€hetystĂ€. Itse lĂ€hetyksessĂ€ esitys oli niin kova ettĂ€ peittosi kaikki UMK-kisaajat, ja uskoisin Mustan Barbaarin menestyvĂ€n aika hyvin Euroviisuissa just noin överillĂ€ meiningillĂ€. Ja tietty hyvĂ€llĂ€, ironisella tatsilla vanhoihin kunnon rotukeskusteluihin…


Halusin vetÀÀ tÀn biisin rumpucoverina jo siksi, ettÀ tÀÀ on nyt pinnalla. Mutta myös sen takia ettÀ tÀssÀ on tosi hyvÀ tempo soittaa, ja biisin oma rumpukone ei oo niin pinnassa. Bassolinja tÀssÀ on todella koukuttava, ja sen opetteluun meni hetki aikaa. Potkin basarilla samaa mitÀ basso soittaa, ja lopun sitten improvisoin aika pitkÀlti kuvauksissa. Oon erityisen ylpeÀ siitÀ miten soitan tÀssÀ hihattia, tota shuffle-tyylistÀ komppausta oli aika vaikea saada soitettua monimutkaisen basarikuvion pÀÀlle.

Jos tykkÀÀt introsta, niin tÀÀ video kannattaa kattoa loppuun asti. 😀

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