The story of a drum stick, starring me as a fan girl



Here I am, having a relaxing weekend, time to scrape some blog text! First of all, I have a new drum cover out in case you haven’t noticed. This time we’re serving some All Time Low, the song being one of the many cool tunes off from their latest album Don’t Panic. And by cool I’m foremostly meaning the drum parts. As I have mentioned earlier, I love how the ATL-drummer Rian Dawson has kept his drumming genuine and complex during the years of the band evolving from a small pop punk band to a world-known rock band. Without further introduction, here’s Somewhere in Neverland by me:

As some of you might know, I’m a big fan of Rian Dawson’s drumming, and in a way he has influenced a lot on how I play our own songs. And as you also might know, I have had the awesome privilege to be in contact with mr. Dawson himself a couple of times in Twitter.

All Time Low visited Finland about a month ago. In fact, MadCraft was actually very close to be playing on stage before ATL! The promoters wanted to include us in the line-up with ATL and their tour warm-up band Blitz Kids. Unfortunately at the last minute it turned out that they didn’t have time for three bands in one night. Despite this huge bummer, it was nice to hear that at the same time the band wanted to invite the four of us to watch the show. In other words, we got included on the door guest list!

Needless to say the show itself was like a dream come true. Well, not even like, as we really had been dreaming of ATL coming for a club show in Helsinki. During this tour they’re playing a super long set with more than 20 songs. Suits me. The whole show was a success and I bounced like crazy among the crowd. They even had some mosh pits going on with songs like So Long Soldier, of which I have made a drum cover. Are there any gigs nowadays that don’t have some kind of a pit going on among the crowd?!

Me and the boys didn’t have a rough time keeping up with the crowd pressure, since the crowd consisted mostly of younger girls. My personal fan girl moment occurred after the show had ended, and the ATL-guys were about to leave stage. As I was a bit taller than a regular fan in the crowd, Rian spotted me with a smile and waved at me to fetch a stick from him. I rushed closer and he threw one of his hard-lived tools straight in my hand. And here’s a living proof of the incident:

I never knew it would be this cool to be on the receiving end of drum stick tossing after a gig. The whole 20+ song gig got ten times better with an ending like this! I really can’t figure out how Rian can use a grip tape like this on a stick – I’ve tried tapes like this a couple of times and ended up having my hands full of blisters! However, this one will get a special place in our rehearsal place behind my kit. It will be a charm of inspiration from now on.

When I started doing drum covers, All Time Low’s Break Your Little Heart was among the first videos. Never knew it would one day lead to events like this!

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