Black Eye Combo – Fisheye Lens + Macro / Wide-Angle Lens





I just bought the combo pack made by Black Eye. It includes a fisheye lens and a macro/wide-angle lens made for mobile phone cameras. The lenses are attached to the camera with a magnet which is glued on the phone. This makes it easy to use since there is no need for additional phone covers. I believe these same lenses are sold under different brands, and Tom and Jesse have already bought their own.

Fisheye Lens


The fisheye lens is the main reason I bought this set. I like the distortion fisheye creates since it just makes everything look awesome. When I was thinking of buying these lenses I tried to look for some example photos, but I really couldn’t find anything good. So here are my example photos taken with the Black Eye Fisheye lens on iPhone 4S.



As you can see some parts of the image are really blurry and there are black vignettes on the sides if the photos are taken with full resolution. Tom suggested that the photos should be taken in a square shape in order to remove vignettes. So here is one square photo of Otto behind his bass drum.


However, I like the fisheye lens and I will definitely use it with full frame photos as well as with square photos.

Macro / Wide-Angle Lens

The combo pack includes also a macro / wide-angle lens. It is build of two separate parts. The bottom part works as a macro lens and when the lenses are attached together they work as a wide-angle lens.



I was really impressed by the macro lens. With it you can photos very close to an object. To me it’s the only tool I can actually take any macro photos with. Here are some examples of photos taken with the macro lens. First there is a standard iPhone photo taken as close as possible, and after that a photo taken with the macro lens.





When the pieces are attached together you get the wide-angle lens. It is not as awesome as the fisheye, but the vignetting is not as bad. Here are two shots to demonstrate it: the first one is taken with iPhone camera and the second is taken with the wide-angle lens. The photos are taken from the same position so you can see the difference.



The effect of the wide-angle lens is quite subtle. It could be a pro, but mostly it’s a con. Like the fisheye lens the wide-angle lens also blurs the image from some parts.

All in all, I think the pack is great. I bought it mainly because of the fisheye lens and I will be using it on my iPhone a lot. The macro lens is nice too even though I don’t usually take photos of objects or details that small. However, I was a bit disappointed of the wide-angle lens. I wish it would have distorted the image a bit more since now the lens seems to lack some characteristics. But I will definitely give it a try and we’ll see if it’s going to be my favorite lens after I get a fisheye overdose.


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