New drum cover: Blink-182 – Please Take Me Home



Hello friends! Time to write about drumming once again. A while ago we uploaded a new drum cover that I’m actually pretty proud of. At the beginning of the whole idea of drum covering, I wanted to test my skills in playing the tougher Blink-182 songs. I guess I also wanted to demonstrate the amazing talent Travis Barker really has in his grooves. To be able to play Blink with drums is not to eat a piece of cake. I don’t say that to emphasize my skills being able to play some of the songs, but to state that in my opinion Travis really knows what he’s doing. And it is not a secret that I take a lot of influence from him, and am continously amazed by his drum tracks. Here’s one of them covered by me, Please Take Me Home from the drumming bible-album Take Off Your Pants And Jacket.

I happen to know that this song is one of the favorites of our singer-guitarist Tomppa. He always wanted to see me play the verse beat that starts the whole song (0:10 on the video). It’s one of those super tight Barker-grooves. First time trying to play it I had trouble keeping the closed hihat beat constant. The tempo is pretty fast, so it isn’t the lightest task to play 16th notes on the hihat. The hardest part, however, is to play the powerful snare hits that even turn the beat around for a while. In learning the part I broke it down and first played the beat with only the kick and snare drum. Then I added easier hihat beat by playing only 8th notes. When comfortable, I moved on to 16th notes.

The next part, that Tomppa actually also seems to admire, is the pre-chorus with the other Tom (Delonge) singing “she’s unstoppable, unpredictable…” (0:30 on the video). This part actually has a very cool beat that was pretty intimidating at first. I’m not sure how to explain the beat, I just listened to every hit carefully and got it that way. Put simple, the core of the beat has a basic disco-like beat with the hihat on the 2 and 4. Kick drum goes to 1 and snare for 3. So playing forward it’s: kick, hihat, snare, hihat and so on. Although, on this beat the kick drum follows the guitar hits and the hihat does these very Barkery-like 32th note bursts. It’s a tough beat to master, but once you listen to it carefully you’ll get it and find it very fun to play!


Tom – admirer of beats and a beginner Spiderman.

The chorus (0:43 on the video) itself is easy to play. The part that I struggled with the most was the C-part (1:46 on the video). It’s surprisingly hard since it requires both legs in action. The left foot controls the constant hihat, while the right foot does the tricky bass drum pattern. Once again, it’s easy to find out the notes and know how to play it, but to actually play it well keeping it steady is not so easy. The second part of C-part (2:12 on the video) is very usual Travis with ride-playing and accenting crashes.

The structure of the song is pretty simple, but to keep all the parts together and playing well required some play-along. It was very rewarding to notice how the hard beats actually turned out very fun to play after a bit of rehearsing. I kind of got inside the feel of the beats, even though they weren’t comfortable at first. I guess that’s how one should learn every drum cover.

‘Til next time!

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