Hybrid Children Photos and Video [Live @ Virgin Oil Co.]



We played with Hybrid Children at Virgin Oil Co., Helsinki last Friday. Virgin Oil has great stage and lights so I decided to shoot some videos and photos. It is crucial to have a good looking place to shoot at since lousy places tend to look lousy even in pictures. I also knew that Jasse is such an awesome showman, which makes it all even more interesting.

This time I decided to shoot photos with my Samyang 8 mm fisheye. As I blogged before, it’s quite a slow lens so I had to raise up the ISO. This time I experimented with Otto’s favorite settings, as I lifted the ISO up to 6400. This allowed me to use aperture of 5.6 and shutter speed of 1/250 s. High shutter speed makes it possible to shoot sharp photos even though the subject is moving constantly.

Jasse-Hybrid-Children-Live Jasse-Hybrid-Children-Virgin-Oil-Live Jasse-Salonen-Hybrid-Children-Virgin-Oil-Live Juho-Virtanen-Hybrid-Children-Virgin-Oil-Live

If I should give some advice to concert photographers, I would say that don’t be afraid of high ISOs and shoot with widest aperture you can. And If you ask me, don’t use flash, ever. And also learn to do very intense post-processing. I prefer Lightroom 5 which is easy to use and has powerful image editing tools.

During the gig I also shot a video of Hybrid Children – Urban White Boy Blues. I have shot videos other songs on earlier Hybrid Children gigs and you can find them from my YouTube Channel.

The video is shot with Tamron 17-50 mm zoom lens. It has a built-in stabilizer which is a must while shooting a video. I set the shutter speed to 1/50 s and aperture to 2.8. I guess the ISO was something like 1250 or 640.

Quite often I have used Zoom H2 to capture the audio, but this time I chose to use the Rode VideoMic Pro. It is a mono microphone, but it doesn’t really matter, since no one uses anything else than their computer’s integrated speakers.

Rode VideoMic Pro is relatively good for capturing live concert audio. I use it on the -10 dB setting without the low-cut and the camera’s input volume is set to lowest possible to prevent clipping.

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