TubeCon 2014 Here We Come!

We are playing at TubeCon in Hartwall Arena, Helsinki on August 16th. And not just anywhere there but on the main stage. That’s huge!


Hartwall Arena – or Helsinki Arena – is the biggest indoors arena in Helsinki and one of the biggest – if not the biggest – in whole of Finland. That’s the place where they arrange the Hockey World Championships whenever they’re in Finland. And that’s the place where all the biggest artists play when you can’t play outdoors.

TubeCon is a convention for all the youtubers and everyone who enjoys YouTube in Finland. Some of Finland’s biggest YouTube stars are going to be there with some awesome artists. Including us and Musta Barbaari – of Otto’s drumcover fame – to name a couple.

I can’t even begin with how awesome it’s going to be. I mean we’ve played at Barona Arena on national live TV before. And we just played for a crowd of 8 000 people last weekend. But still. Playing at Hartwall Arena is like a dream come true.


Can’t but be grateful to the awesome people who are making it all happen. And excited for an event that’s going to be groundbreakingly awesome!

Get your tickets now! Are you guys coming? See you at TubeCon!

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