Pics from Tubecon

I know it’s already been a few weeks since Tubecon was a hot topic but it was such an amazing event we can’t help but to write about it one more time. We’ve been pretty busy playing shows since then so we haven’t had the time to really praise the whole thing.

Well, Tubecon was amazing! That much should be clear to everyone. It was definitely one of the biggest – if not the biggest show we’ve ever played. And most definitely one of the best.

Though, if there was one thing that was more amusing than amazing, it was our backstage “buffet”. You can find a pic of it above 😀

But honestly. With a crowd like that even a few bananas can’t make us feel bad.

We have a couple pics for you courtesy of TimizVlog.

MCtubecon-2 MCtubecon-4 MCtubecon-5 MCtubecon-6

Here’s a vlog in Finnish as a bonus.

Tubecon will be happening again next year and we definitely want to be a part of it.

What did you guys think of Tubecon? Tell us in the comments.

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