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New year, time for new videos! Well, relatively new at least. The most eager of you have probably already seen these two live videos from the end of last year, but I noticed there’s not a mention of them right here. And since I’d like to think our blog is the go-to place for all things MadCraft, I just have to put them out here. So here we go!

The first one is a take on Never Had The Guts from our show at The Circus, Helsinki. That was a pretty cool venue to play. Lots of space on stage. That’s never a bad thing, right?

Now, I know I kinda messed up the guitar part in the middle but other than that I think we did pretty well. What do you say?

The second live video is of Everybody Say from Semifinal, Helsinki. That’s a venue we’re familiar with. The stage is not as big as in The Circus but the sound on this one is a bit better since we got some audio from the mixing console as well.

This one is a fun song to play live. The pacing differs from the rest of the song and it has a nice chill groove. I think we struggled for some time to get Everybody to work live but nowadays it flows pretty nicely.

There we have ’em. What song would you like to see a live video of?

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  1. […] Thanks to our buddy Pete Koski for helping us out with the filming. The footage was filmed on our last couple shows from which we posted live videos earlier. […]

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