We’re playing Tavastia May 16th

Tavastia is probably one of the most (if not THE most) legendary rock clubs in Helsinki. May 16th is also a pretty legendary date Pop-Punk-wise for obvious reasons. That must mean only one thing: our show at Tavastia on May 16th is going to be legendary!


In case you don’t read Finnish. The show is at Tavastia, Helsinki on May 16th. The show is during 2pm – 5pm and it is allowed for all ages. Now, usually the club is strictly over 18 but this time around everyone is welcome. You can buy tickets beforehand on Tiketti for 6€. If you buy them at the door, it’ll be 7€.

This is our first time playing Tavastia, so we’ll make sure to prepare a hell of a show. We’d love to see everyone there! So, I hope to see you in a week 🙂

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  1. […] We’ll be releasing a music video to the song in the upcoming days. And we will be playing it live at Tavastia, Helsinki on Saturday 2pm – 5pm. The show is for all ages. You can read more about it on my last post. […]

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