Pop Punk You’ve Never Heard But You Should Vol. 7

I’ve been searching for new pop punk bands that I haven’t heard of before. I picked a band and checked its related artists. From those I picked up the ones that I liked the most and created pop punk playlists from them. Here’s playlist number 7!

Spotify – via Iframely

Cute Is What We Aim For

Obviously “Never Heard” can be defined as “Never Played a Show Finland”. Cute Is What We Aim For has over one million likes in Facebook… What’s even more impressing, they had their song “There’s a Class for This” in NHL 07, so this can’t be bad!


The Downtown Fiction

The trend seems to continue here, as The Downtown Fiction has more than 200 000 likes. They come from Virginia and seems like their new EP Alligator Tears is out TODAY!



I’m quite surprised that also Quietdrive was featured in NHL 07 soundtrack with song “Rise From The Ashes”! These guys come from Minnesota. I wonder if they’ve seen airhook by Mikael Granlund.



MadCraft comes from Finland. They do their music from start to finish, including everything from recording and mixing to shooting music videos. Besides doing their own music, their drummer likes to film drum covers. Here’s his newest drum cover of “Box Car Racer – All Systems Go”


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