Drum Cover Fisheye – Samyang 7.5 mm 3.5 Fisheye for Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark 2

With Canon 60D I’ve used Samyang 8 mm as my fisheye lens. Obviously, I needed a fisheye for Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark 2, and I had three options: Samyang 7.5 mm 3.5, Panasonic 8 mm 3.5 and Olympus 8 mm 1.8. It wasn’t an easy choice, but I ended up choosing Samyang 7.5 fisheye.

Olympus 8 mm 1.8 is definitely the best of these three, but it also costs the most. For the price of one Olympus one could buy 4 Samyangs, so I just couldn’t afford it right. Especially because the fisheye lens is used in most dangerous shots, such as drum covers. It’s not only once that Otto has hit the lens with a drum stick, or sticks…

One example can be seen in Otto’s drum cover of Blink-182 – Wishing Well. Shot with Canon 60D + Samyang 8 mm.

However, I would really like the wide aperture of Olympus 8 mm 1.8, so I will probably get one someday. It would be great for shooting gigs or some vlog material in dark backstages.


Olympus 8 mm 1.8

Samyang is the cheapest of these all. However, I had some troubles choosing between it and Panasonic, since I had quite greal deal for Panasonic. Panasonic has working electronics, so it passes EXIF data to the camera and also features auto focus. It’s also the smallest of these three weighing only 165 g.


Panasonic 8 mm 3.5

However, as I watched videos from YouTube I noticed that I don’t like the way Panasonic fisheye distorts the image. It looks a bit same as those cheap fisheye adapters that can be used with kit lenses. On contrary, I liked the Samyang distortion, so I chose it.

You would think that Samyang has similar fisheyes for all systems, but you couldn’t be more wrong. First of all, the weight of the Samyang 7.5 for micro four thirds is less than 200 g. The weight of the Canon version is more than double.


Samyang 7.5 mm 3.5

Additionally, the picture quality seems to be way better in MFT version. It’s actually pretty sharp even wide open, whereas Canon version is not usable until aperture of 5.6. Because of that, MFT version is usable also in low light. Canon version also lacks aperture 4, or at least the aperture ring doesn’t click there. You can also focus much closer with MFT version.

I had a chance to shoot Otto’s drum covers with Samyang 7.5 mm 3.5 fisheye a while ago. I really liked the fact, that now with IBIS I can get stabilized video even with a prime lens. Here’s a drum cover of Blink-182 – Anthem Part 2. It’s a multi-angle drum cover, in which Samyang 7.5 mm + E-M5 Mark II was used as the front lens + camera. Other lenses and cameras used here were Tamron 17-50 mm 2.8 + Canon 600D, Samyang 14 mm 2.8 + Canon 5D Mark II, and GoPro Hero4 Silver.

I shot also some photos of Otto and his new DW drums. From the photos you can also see how the lens performs with different aspect ratios. I usually have my camera set up in 3:2 aspect ratio, since I like it more than 4:3.

Samyang 7.5 mm, Aspect ratio 4:3

Samyang 7.5 mm, Aspect ratio 4:3

Aspect ratio 3:2

Samyang 7.5 mm, Aspect ratio 3:2

Samyang 7.5 mm, Aspect ratio 16:9

Samyang 7.5 mm, Aspect ratio 16:9

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  1. Lloyd Allan MacPherson

    Great footage Juho. At f3.5, this footage looks crisp and in controlled lighting environments, as you have shown, it excels! Have you thought about uploading to Vimeo and getting involved in that community?

    • I haven’t thought of vimeo yet. Is there a reason why I should upload videos to Vimeo also? Is there some kind of a community?

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