Pop Punk You’ve Never Heard But You Should Vol. 11

Spotify – via Iframely

Yeah Detroit

Surprisingly Yeah Detroit is not from Detroit, it’s from Scotland (or everywhere…). Sadly these guys quit last year.



Allister has been around since 1996, which is like forever. Someone told me that Allister was one the biggest pop punk bands in early 00s. However, it’s really never heard in Finland, so that’s why it ends up to this list.


American Hi-Fi

American Hi-Fi has been called a pop band, a pop-punk band, a pop metal band, but it’s all just Rock n’ Roll to them. They have been playing since 1998, and their music is in American Pie 2 soundtrack, so I should have known this band… However, they remind me a bit of Bowling For Soup.



Allister and American Hi-Fi were old bands, but this one is new! Facelift is a pop punk band from northern Finland. Their newest song cannot be found from Spotify, so you should check it out from YouTube!



MadCraft is also a pop punk band from Finland. Otto has just released a drum cover of Blink-182 – Anthem Part 2, and it’s an awesome multi angle drum cover shot with 4 cameras!


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