Live at Kamppi Tomorrow, Saturday Nov 28th

This Fall, we’ve been busy finding the new bass player and getting everything ready to record some new songs in the Spring. But you know, when there’s an event at the Kamppi Shopping Center, we’re definitely there!

So, we are playing a full-length acoustic show at Kamppi, Helsinki Finland tomorrow on Saturday November 28th. Our showtime is around 6pm, though there is something happening throughout the day. The event is free for all ages. […] Read more!

Acoustic Cover of “Lagwagon – May 16”


Like all great songs, Lagwagon – May 16 is familiar from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2. I got the idea of making an acoustic cover from Ville, my ex-roommate.

It all started over three years ago. What took me so long was the fact that I suck at remembering lyrics. Since I don’t listen to them, it’s very hard for me to remember them at all. So I had to repeat the song multiple times with the lyrics in front of me before I could even think about shooting the cover. […] Read more!

More Chords!



Some of you said that we don’t have enough chords, so we got some more for you guys! Here’s three of our older songs, InoUno, NeverAgain and Let Me Breathe, and the chords are based on our acoustic arrangements. Download them, play the songs and keep those YouTube covers coming!

MadCraft – InoUno Chords

MadCraft – NeverAgain Chords

MadCraft – Let Me Breathe Chords

esp-ltd-xtone-pink-magenta […] Read more!

Shining Bright Official Acoustic Video out now!



Like we yesterday promised the Official Acoustic video for Shining Bright is now out on YouTube. Hooray!

The video is basically the sequel to the original Music Video since it has the footage from the rest of the UMK competition right up until the final. I’m so glad Juho had the patience to carry that camera with him everywhere all the way through. The whole thing was definitely an experience to remember and now we have something to remind us. […] Read more!

Thank You Kamppi!



We played an acoustic set at the Kamppi Center in downtown Helsinki. It was amazing to see a lot of you people there. Thank you for coming! And thanks goes out to the people working for Kamppi for letting us play there. Hope we get to do it again sometime soon!

Here’s a video of Shining Bright from Kamppi.

And hey! Don’t forget to vote us for the #UMK14 final and watch us on YLE TV2 tonight at 9pm Finnish time. […] Read more!

Colorful Acoustic Guitar



We do a lot of acoustic shows, especially on smaller venues. What I appreciate in acoustic gigs is their simplicity: the fact that we can just plug the guitars directly into the mixer and there’s no need for additional gear like amps. For those cases ESP LTD Xtone series is the perfect acoustic guitar, since it offers everything I need in one package.



Xtone is a fine acoustic guitar with a built-in microphone and preamp. […] Read more!

Up Close and Personal

Just came back from a private acoustic show. We had so much fun playing an acoustic set for a change. And even when we had the PA failing on us in the middle of the show, we just changed it to completely unplugged and acoustic and got through the set. That’s the beauty of acoustic shows. You’ll just have to get up close and personal.

And yeeeeeah…. We had to stop for a little break on our way back so Otto took care of business he’s usual style.

[…] Read more!

Free Delivery on MadCraft merch at Spreadshirt

Right off the start I want to tell you guys that you still have about two days left to order some amazing MadCraft merchandise from our Spreadshirt Store and get free delivery on anything you might want to get. The offer stands from January 28th to 30th so there’s still some time left. But be quick though!

You have to use the Voucher Code FREELOVE in order to get the discount. Head on to and get yourself something nice!

[…] Read more!

Happy New Year!

First things first…

Happy New Year!

To all of you awesome people.

It’s been an amazing year with a lot going on. When we started 2012 we didn’t even know if we were going to find a new bass-player or not. Feels like that was ages ago. We’ve come a really long way from that. Because right now there’s no doubt about it. We’re going strong!

I mean we did play right about 50 gigs this year and got over the total of 100 earlier this year.

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Google+ online gig today!

Just wanted to remind you guys of our online gig on Google+ today at 2PM EST, 9PM Finnish time. We will post the stream on our Google+ profile and Facebook-page etc. So be sure to check them out in a few hours!

We’re also getting the final touches on the mix of the acoustic album as we speak and try to push it to Spotify, iTunes and other digital distributors by the end of the year.

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