MadCraft – Please Return My Heart Lead Guitar Tabs


Here’s something that I did few months ago: lead guitar tabs for MadCraft – Please Return My Heart! Since I have no idea how the song is played on the recorded version, this is how I play it live.

MadCraft – Please Return My Heart

And if you feel like 2005, here’s also a guitar pro version.

MadCraft – Please Return My Heart.gp5

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Acoustic Cover of “Lagwagon – May 16”


Like all great songs, Lagwagon – May 16 is familiar from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2. I got the idea of making an acoustic cover from Ville, my ex-roommate.

It all started over three years ago. What took me so long was the fact that I suck at remembering lyrics. Since I don’t listen to them, it’s very hard for me to remember them at all. So I had to repeat the song multiple times with the lyrics in front of me before I could even think about shooting the cover. […] Read more!

Show Your Pedalboard


There are always talk about pedalboards among guitarist and each guitar forum has their own thread about showing your own pedalboard. So here’s my entry to this endless pedalboard battle.

My pedalboard is built on Pedaltrain Mini. It is a small board that takes up to 5 normal-sized pedals or 6 smaller ones. It comes with a soft case which has a front pocket in which I storage some cables, power source and extra strings.

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MadCraft – Never Had The Guts Chords


And here are the chords for Never Had The Guts! This one’s quite straight forward as there are no strange chords such as Asus4 or anything. We’ve performed this live once with acoustic guitars and yes… It’s possible!

MadCraft – Never Had The Guts Chords

The main riff goes something like this. Tom slides almost every note, but if that feels hard (or you’re playing with an acoustic guitar) you can also use hammer-ons and pull-offs or just pick all of them. […] Read more!

Tech 21 Boost DLA – The Best Delay So Far



I’ve been looking for a delay pedal for my leads almost forever. I went through multiple different pedals and you can read about them from my previous post. There was always something wrong, either the sound wasn’t right or the knobs turned as I stepped on the pedal or something else. For a second I totally gave up but after a while decided to give a chance to one more pedal.

I bought the Tech 21 Boost DLA delay pedal and it is definitely the best delay pedal I’ve used so far. […] Read more!

Happy Song for bass!




I finally had some spare time to make you a full score of Happy Song’s bass lines! I made both, notation and tabulatures and you can download them in the end of this post! I chose Happy Song because it has all the basic punk-bass habits going on in there… really fast syncopated picking, some melodic lines and holding the bottom of the song. This might be my favorite bass track I have recorded in years and I really wanted to share it with you all! […] Read more!

Shining Bright Chords And Guitar Tabs



Earlier we gave you the lyrics of MadCraft – Shining Bright and this time you’ll get the chords and lead guitar tabs!

Jesse wrote down the chords like a pro

MadCraft – Shining Bright Chords

And here’s my guess for the lead guitar

MadCraft – Shining Bright – Guitar Tabs

Even though I don’t care about the note editions myself, here’s one with the notes also

MadCraft – Shining Bright – Guitar Tabs with Notes

Remember that you can download our MadCraft app from the App Store for free! […] Read more!

Guitar In Airplane

Guitar Airplane


The scariest aspect of gigging outside of Finland is traveling on an airplane with a guitar. Every airline has a different policy on instruments. Some allow them to be taken in the cabin whereas some insist that they have to be in the hold. Last year we flew to the UK with KLM who allowed us to take our guitars in the cabin in soft cases, but this time with Norwegian it was all different. […] Read more!

Roadworn – Boss TU-2 vs Polytune



If you have followed us for a while, you may have noticed how much Tom likes to tune his guitar. But that is okay, since there is nothing worse than playing out of tune, and because of that every guitarist should have a tuner to be used in the studio and on the stage. Of course there are guys who tune their guitars by ear in front of a full stadium, like Jimi Hendrix, but I guess that is just the minority of us. […] Read more!

Bass sounds!

More bass-related stuff? Hell yeah!



So, here we go again! I would like to talk about some great bass sounds on punk/pop music. Last time I talked about basses and now I will make you listen to them!


1. Mark Hoppus / Blink 182

Surprise? I think Mark’s sound is one of the most iconic pop/punk sounds out there. Really bright and clear sound that sticks out from the bands mix really easily. Notice also how Mark plays chords almost all the time just to support the bands overall sound. […] Read more!