What I Want from a New Camera in 2015

Right now I have a Canon 60D, which I use with a Tamron 17-50 (28-80 on full frame) mm 2.8 stabilized lens and a Samyang 8 mm fisheye. I love this combo, since the 60D has a fully tilting screen which is very useful while shooting video. Also the zoom lens is great, since it has a fixed aperture over the whole focal length and a stabilizer, which is also something that you just got to have. […] Read more!

Blink-182 – All The Small Things Cover Lightroom Preset


Previously I showed how I color corrected the cover of Blink-182 – All The Small Things in Premiere Pro.

This time I tried to create the same look with Lightroom.

The original frame looks like this.


I started by lifting the highlights and whites on the Lightroom’s Basic module. I also increased the temperature a bit.


Then I used SplitToning to achieve similar colors as in Premiere version. I pushed the highlights towards green and shadows towards blue. […] Read more!

Pics from Semifinal

We played a show at Semifinal, Helsinki on Thursday. We hadn’t played Helsinki in a while. In fact, it was our first show in Helsinki in a couple months. Whenever there’s been that long you kinda start to wonder if anyone’s gonna show up.

But you know what?! Someone did. Actually, some pretty awesome folks came and we had so much fun on stage.

[…] Read more!

Testing Lenspen Camera Lens Cleaning System


There are some photographers that are really strict about the condition of their lenses. I’d bet they are ready to kill if someone accidentally leaves a fingerprint on their lens. Well, I’m not one of those.

All of my lenses are always full of fingerprints and all kind of dust. So I decided to try out the Lenspen, a camera lens cleaning system.

lenspen […] Read more!

Pics from Tube Family Night, Kuopio

We played a pretty cool show at a YouTube meet in Kuopio on Saturday. The event titled Tube Family Night was the third of its kind but first time held in Kuopio.

The venue for the evening was Kulttuuriareena 44 which, I have to say, was one of the best venues we’ve ever played. It was just the right size with an awesome stage and great sound. I definitely wouldn’t mind playing more shows on venues like this. […] Read more!

Artists in the Plus @ Aloft London Excel


We went to play a gig in an online concert arranged by Artists in the Plus.

Since there were also other bands besides us, I had to shoot some photos. I had time to shoot photos of the two bands that played just before us: City Of Lights and Axel Jansson. You can also download the Lightroom preset that I used for these shots.

The first band is City Of Lights from Leeds. They play rock-pop and you can check out their website. […] Read more!

Pics from Tubecon

I know it’s already been a few weeks since Tubecon was a hot topic but it was such an amazing event we can’t help but to write about it one more time. We’ve been pretty busy playing shows since then so we haven’t had the time to really praise the whole thing.

Well, Tubecon was amazing! That much should be clear to everyone. It was definitely one of the biggest – if not the biggest show we’ve ever played. […] Read more!

Awesome acoustic weekend

Feels like this Monday is extra hard since we had such an amazing weekend. Now, trying to get used to the normal life after playing three awesome acoustic shows and meeting such amazing people, is nothing short of an impossible task.


Still, I would gladly pay the price of a Monday morning after a weekend like this. I mean look at that. How can you not just love every minute of being on stage, performing to a crowd like that? […] Read more!

We played with King The Kid and it was awesome

We got to play an acoustic show with King The Kid a little over a week ago. If you’ve followed them at all, you probably already guessed that it was pretty awesome.

King The Kid is an amazing Pop Rock band from the United States. The guys were on their way through Europe when they landed in Helsinki, Finland to play an acoustic show. After a few coincidences we ended up arranging another show for us to play together at Bar Bäkkäri. […] Read more!

Pics from Provinssi

We played Provinssirock, one of the most legendary festivals in Finland a couple weeks ago. If you’ve been following us around the internets, you might’ve seen some cool pics from the show. We thought we’d put some of them here for you guys to marvel at.

So here you go. MadCraft live at Provinssi 2014 in full color!

provinssirock-2014-sakkolava-madcraft-05 […] Read more!