Wishing Well

I’m kinda taking the easy way out here. Instead of writing everything twice I’m gonna just do it English straight away. If some of you feel we should keep writing stuff in Finnish, let us know and we’ll try to do some extra posts in Finnish too.

You know what!? Everybody Say got past 10 000 views on YouTube. That’s pretty cool! It took All I Want a lot longer to get there. Now let’s try to get that bad boy past 20k!

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Google+ online gig today!

Just wanted to remind you guys of our online gig on Google+ today at 2PM EST, 9PM Finnish time. We will post the stream on our Google+ profile and Facebook-page etc. So be sure to check them out in a few hours!

We’re also getting the final touches on the mix of the acoustic album as we speak and try to push it to Spotify, iTunes and other digital distributors by the end of the year.

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Here and there

Sorry about the not too frequent updating of the blog lately. Couldn’t do it on the road and now I’ve been just delaying it for nothing. Well, maybe not for nothing. Have had a bit of a flu and been mixing the previous acoustic songs for the upcoming acoustic album.

Anyway. We went to St. Petersburg last week and played a show there. Our first one there and the first one in Russia in general. I don’t know if you can generalize Russia though.

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We’re back! …and off again

We got back from UK on Monday and have spent the last few days recovering from the trip. The tour went fine. We got there and back in one piece and even got our gear with us – even if we might have had some doubt with that on the way back. Some of the staff on the airport weren’t sure if we should be allowed to bring our guitars to the cabin with us. Even if we did so just fine on the way there. […] Read more!