Playlist: Music from Norway

We’re flying off to Norway tomorrow. That if anything is exciting! Sticking to the theme we decided to list our favorite music from our nordic neighbour. This one is full of wild cards since none of us really has a lot of Norwegian artists in our back pockets. Without further ado: Music from Norway!

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1. Dimmu Borgir – Mourning Palace
This list would’t be a true Norwegian list without Dimmu Borgir! […] Read more!

Live from Norway

Norway! That’s where we’re going on Saturday. Live at Biblioteket Bar, Bergen Norway on September 28th. Sounds about right. And boy are we stoked to be playing there!

The show is not just any show but a show part of the Artists In The Plus Online Music Festival. It’s a music festival that’s happening around the world. Bands and artists all over the globe are performing online on Google+ Hagnouts starting tomorrow Sep 27th all the way till the 30th. […] Read more!

Smoking Drums!

Rollup 02



So there we were filming the drum cover for ATL’s A Love Like War when we found our old smoke machine. We hadn’t used in a couple years so obviously we needed to check if it was still working. And what better way to do that than to spice the drum cover up with some smokey vibes.

We plugged the thing in but it didn’t show any signs of life. None at all. At first though. […] Read more!

Roadworn – Boss TU-2 vs Polytune



If you have followed us for a while, you may have noticed how much Tom likes to tune his guitar. But that is okay, since there is nothing worse than playing out of tune, and because of that every guitarist should have a tuner to be used in the studio and on the stage. Of course there are guys who tune their guitars by ear in front of a full stadium, like Jimi Hendrix, but I guess that is just the minority of us. […] Read more!

10 000 views



Heyyyeah! We’re past 10 000 views on our music video for Happy Song on YouTube. That’s pretty sweet if you ask me.

Of course 10k is not the point to stop. So let’s get that baby up to 20k next. Right?!

Why not share it on Facebook or Twitter right about now? That’s the spirit!

We’re also nominated for Artist Of The Month on Artists In The Plus. All the help is really appreciated so go and vote for us here. […] Read more!

Bass sounds!

More bass-related stuff? Hell yeah!



So, here we go again! I would like to talk about some great bass sounds on punk/pop music. Last time I talked about basses and now I will make you listen to them!


1. Mark Hoppus / Blink 182

Surprise? I think Mark’s sound is one of the most iconic pop/punk sounds out there. Really bright and clear sound that sticks out from the bands mix really easily. Notice also how Mark plays chords almost all the time just to support the bands overall sound. […] Read more!

Playlist: Best Children Of Bodom Songs

Growing up as a kid in Finland at the turn of the millennium, you really could not get away from Children Of Bodom. Finland is the land of a thousand lakes with long, cold, dark Winters so it’s not all sunshine and happiness out here. Even if we try to make it so.

Still, even if Children Of Bodom are a heavy and ripping melodic death metal band they have some unbelievable talent and amazing songwriting. […] Read more!

Acoustic gig at Hard Rock House, Helsinki on Saturday

We’re playing an acoustic gig at Hard Rock House, Helsinki on Saturday September 21st. That’s day after tomorrow. I think the showtime is going to be somewhere around 11pm or 12pm.

Hope to see you guys there! 🙂

Soitetaan ylihuomenna Roihuvuoren Hard Rock Housessa akkarikeikka. Eli 21.9. Soittoaika luultavasti joskus klo 23 tai 24 aikoihin.

Toivottavasti nähdään siellä! 🙂 […] Read more!

Lead Guitar Delay

Guitar Delay Pedals



I was looking for something more exciting for my lead tones and an obvious choice was a delay. Delay pedals repeat the original signal which makes the leads stand out, hide mistakes and add some epic feel to the leads. Of course there are hundreds of different delay pedals on the market, and I had to find the most suitable for me.

Biyang AD-10

Biyang AD-10

I started out with Biyang AD-10 which could be considered as an analog delay. […] Read more!

New drum cover: All Time Low – A Love Like War



What’s up on Tuesday? We have a new drum cover out: All Time Low’s new single A Love Like War! I guess my cover is among the first takes on the song at YouTube. And that’s because the song itself is still fresh from the oven being released just a while ago.

A Love Like War is a track from the extended version of Don’t Panic album. As you may know, the four of us reviewed the song right after it’s release. […] Read more!