3 Tips for Playing Outdoor Shows

It’s Summer and it’s practically snowing in Finland. But, it’s Summer nevertheless! And Summer at it’s best means festivals and big outdoor events. And for bands like us that aren’t huge, even some smaller outdoor shows.

Playing outdoors is awesome. The sun on your face, people having a good time, it’s something you dream of during the gloomy winter nights. But in order to make the most of those amazing Summer shows, you want to make sure everyone really is having a good time – including yourself. […] Read more!

Acoustic Cover of “Lagwagon – May 16”


Like all great songs, Lagwagon – May 16 is familiar from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2. I got the idea of making an acoustic cover from Ville, my ex-roommate.

It all started over three years ago. What took me so long was the fact that I suck at remembering lyrics. Since I don’t listen to them, it’s very hard for me to remember them at all. So I had to repeat the song multiple times with the lyrics in front of me before I could even think about shooting the cover. […] Read more!

Show Your Pedalboard


There are always talk about pedalboards among guitarist and each guitar forum has their own thread about showing your own pedalboard. So here’s my entry to this endless pedalboard battle.

My pedalboard is built on Pedaltrain Mini. It is a small board that takes up to 5 normal-sized pedals or 6 smaller ones. It comes with a soft case which has a front pocket in which I storage some cables, power source and extra strings.

pedaltrain-mini-5-pedals […] Read more!

MadCraft – Never Had The Guts Chords


And here are the chords for Never Had The Guts! This one’s quite straight forward as there are no strange chords such as Asus4 or anything. We’ve performed this live once with acoustic guitars and yes… It’s possible!

MadCraft – Never Had The Guts Chords

The main riff goes something like this. Tom slides almost every note, but if that feels hard (or you’re playing with an acoustic guitar) you can also use hammer-ons and pull-offs or just pick all of them. […] Read more!

All I Want (Is You) – New live video out


I’m gonna leave to a little vacation for the upcoming week. But don’t worry! We’ll leave on good terms. And besides, you guys will have Juho and Jesse taking care of you while I’m gone.

And to make things even better, we just released a new live video from our show at Bar Bäkkäri last Friday. Now, it’s not a huge venue but the atmosphere was good and we had a ton of fun playing there. […] Read more!

TubeCon 2014 Here We Come!

We are playing at TubeCon in Hartwall Arena, Helsinki on August 16th. And not just anywhere there but on the main stage. That’s huge!


Hartwall Arena – or Helsinki Arena – is the biggest indoors arena in Helsinki and one of the biggest – if not the biggest – in whole of Finland. That’s the place where they arrange the Hockey World Championships whenever they’re in Finland. And that’s the place where all the biggest artists play when you can’t play outdoors. […] Read more!

3 Things I Still Miss On Instagram



Instagram, the internet’s most hyped social media photo app is definitely a must for every band that’s being serious about their online presence. On top of being pretty awesome already, Instagram has now been updated with a ton of new enhanced photo editing options for those who want an even more specific look on their mobile pics.

We’ve been pretty active as a band on Instagram for some time now and it’s been all well and good. […] Read more!

How To Shoot A Music Video By Yourself



When filming a music video, you would usually have an additional camera man to shoot some of the footage, but sometimes you just can’t find one. We’ve ran into this situation so often that we have decided to shoot our music videos all by ourselves. The main goal was to find a way to fake it so that the viewer thinks we actually had someone extra behind the camera. On this post we’ll share with you how to do it properly. […] Read more!

Shows this week: Helsinki and Kouvola



After releasing Never Had The Guts we’ve gotten on a pretty good roll here. We played a total of three shows last week and we’re going to continue on that trajectory with another three shows this week.

First off there’s a show at Bar Bäkkäri in Helsinki on Friday June 6th. Bar Bäkkäri is like our home venue and we’re happy to share the stage with our buddies Lame Duck. They have a new EP out and this will be their EP release party. […] Read more!