We got stickers!

You know what’s the best guerrilla marketing tool when playing in a band? That’s right. Stickers!

And you know what? We got ’em. New ones, actually.


We did run out of our classic red-logo-on-a-green-background stickers a while ago. Obviously, we had to order some more. But besides just getting more of the same old classic design, we decided to spice things up a bit and order a few other designs as well. […] Read more!

Welcome to our YouTube channel

YouTube introduced channel trailers or introduction videos some time ago. Now, we are quite active on our channel. We have close to 7 000 subscribers with over a million total views on our videos. But for some strange reason we didn’t have an introduction before. Until now, that is.

We finally took the time to create an introduction for those who are new to the channel. It’s also a good watch to anyone who hasn’t dove too deep yet. […] Read more!

Color Grading A Cloudy Day Vlog


If you’re into Pop Punk, you probably want your videos represent the look and feel of the genre. Preferably, everything should be colorful and feel like Summer. However, it’s often pretty cloudy here in Finland, so it can be pretty hard to get that feel-good Summer vibe. That’s where color grading comes into place.

I shared my camera settings in my previous blog post How to Color Grade a Vlog. Lately I’ve been using a new preset, which is more colorful and feels more like Summer. […] Read more!

Pics from Provinssi

We played Provinssirock, one of the most legendary festivals in Finland a couple weeks ago. If you’ve been following us around the internets, you might’ve seen some cool pics from the show. We thought we’d put some of them here for you guys to marvel at.

So here you go. MadCraft live at Provinssi 2014 in full color!

provinssirock-2014-sakkolava-madcraft-05 […] Read more!

Tomorrow live at Arvid BeachParty, Orimattila


Tomorrow is a happy day since it’s gig day!

We are playing at a Beach Party in Orimattlia, Finland. Our showtime is around 1.45pm. So pretty early in the afternoon. Be sure to be on time!

The Facebook event says it’s age 15 and up with a 18+ area with some beverages. Tickets 15€.

If you’re nearby drop in to see the show and say hi! […] Read more!

Vote us to Metro On Stage 2014, Moscow

Do you want to see us play in Moscow? On a big festival stage? Or just want to be an awesome human being and help us out?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, we need you to vote us for Metro On Stage in Moscow in September.

Follow the link below and hit the ‘Like‘ and ‘Tweet‘ buttons for Facebook, Twitter and VK. Every like and tweet is a vote. […] Read more!

Summer Festival Concert Lightroom Preset


Some prefer Photoshop as their main photo editing software, but I use only Lightroom. The photos are shot in RAW format, which gives more options in post-production stage, and I suggest that you shoot all your photos in RAW format too.

Often I just edit one image, make a preset of the settings and then apply it on each photo I want to publish. Usually the preset does the thing, but some of the photos might need minor adjustments depending on the lightning conditions and contents of the photo itself. […] Read more!

Tomorrow Bar Loose, Helsinki + New Live Dates

It’s been a Summer, like NFG once said. That seems to manifest itself as a dry spell on our blog. Sorry about that!

But I’m back from road tripping across Sweden and Norway, and ready for some touring with my guitar in the trunk for a change!

6.7.2014 - 1

And looks like I don’t have to wait too long. We’re playing a show at Bar Loose, Helsinki tomorrow! Our showtime is at 10.30 pm or 22:30 as we’d say here in Finland. […] Read more!