Live in London next week

It’s been a while since we’ve played abroad. But that’s not going to be the case for to long.

We’re flying to London, UK on Saturday next week to play a show as a part of an event by Artists In The Plus and Success Express.


If you knew all this already, this is the part where you need to be alert. The venue of the show has been changed to Aloft London Excel. By the looks of it seems like an a-okey place to be paying at. […] Read more!

Live video from Tubecon

We played one of our biggest shows ever at Tubecon, Hartwall Arena, Helsinki some time ago. Being Finland’s biggest YouTube event, the whole thing was of course filmed and streamed. Now the first part of the stream has been released on YouTube for everyone to enjoy.

You can find our performance starting around 54:00. Check it out!

[…] Read more!

Cam Caddie Scorpion Stabilizer for Canon DSLR


I’ve been thinking of getting some kind of a camera stabilizer for long time. Only problem is that they tend to be very big and expensive. For example Glide Cam HD-2000 costs something around 500 euros. After watching some skate videos I noticed that those guys use handles with their DSLRs, so I felt that I really have to get one.

I started to look for them and find out that Cam Caddie’s Scorpion is the one they use the most. […] Read more!

Video from our Kamppi show

Kamppi Shopping Center had a big event to kick of the fall season a couple weeks ago. They had a dozen artists perform right there in the middle of the mall for two days. Obviously, we were one of them.

Just like last time, they made a cool video of the event. Check it out and see if you can find yourself in the video!

The show was amazing as always. Thanks to everyone who made it to Kamppi last time. […] Read more!

New live dates for October: London, Oulu and more



Are you guys ready for some new shows? We sure are.

We’ve had a busy end of the Summer so we’re gonna take a couple weeks to catch our breaths. But that’s not going to last long, since we have some pretty nice live dates set up for October.

Here are the upcoming live dates:

04.10.2014 The Water Rats, London [UK]
17.10.2014 Down By The Simojoki, Simo [FIN]
18.10.2014 Bysis, Oulu [FIN] (acoustic)
25.10.2014 Kulttuuriareena 44, Kuopio [FIN]

The London show is a part of the Artists In The Plus & Success Express: London Online Tour and will be streamed online. […] Read more!

New Video Out: Friends Theme Pop Punk Cover

We are finally back with some new videos! This one is definitely a long time favorite cover of ours. We’ve been playing this one live for years now and finally managed to get it on tape.

Friends is an awesome classic of a TV show with an even more awesome theme song. Since there didn’t seem to be a proper Pop Punk cover of it, we decided to step up and get you guys one.

So there you go! […] Read more!

Live at Narinkkatori, Helsinki today – Showtime at 6.30pm

xboxkonserttiWe are playing live at Narinkkatori, Helsinki today as a part of the Finnish Xbox One Release Event. The event is free for all ages and will be starting at 5 pm.

Our showtime is around 6.30 pm.

It’s going to be an awesome show, so we expect to see you guys there! Heya!

  […] Read more!

Pics from Tubecon

I know it’s already been a few weeks since Tubecon was a hot topic but it was such an amazing event we can’t help but to write about it one more time. We’ve been pretty busy playing shows since then so we haven’t had the time to really praise the whole thing.

Well, Tubecon was amazing! That much should be clear to everyone. It was definitely one of the biggest – if not the biggest show we’ve ever played. […] Read more!

Live at Xbox One Release Event, Narinkkatori, Helsinki on Friday


We’re super stoked to announce that we will be performing at the Finnish Xbox One Release event this Friday September 5th.

Xbox Finland is arranging a free event for all ages right in downtown Helsinki at Narinkkatori with a dozen of the hottest Finnish artists. And what’s the craziest thing is, we’ll be performing on top of a huge Xbox One truck. The event will start at 5pm. Our showtime will be announced in the upcoming days. […] Read more!

Awesome acoustic weekend

Feels like this Monday is extra hard since we had such an amazing weekend. Now, trying to get used to the normal life after playing three awesome acoustic shows and meeting such amazing people, is nothing short of an impossible task.


Still, I would gladly pay the price of a Monday morning after a weekend like this. I mean look at that. How can you not just love every minute of being on stage, performing to a crowd like that? […] Read more!