Pics from Semifinal

We played a show at Semifinal, Helsinki on Thursday. We hadn’t played Helsinki in a while. In fact, it was our first show in Helsinki in a couple months. Whenever there’s been that long you kinda start to wonder if anyone’s gonna show up.

But you know what?! Someone did. Actually, some pretty awesome folks came and we had so much fun on stage.

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Why I Bought Zoom H5


I know that Tom, Otto and Jesse are going to ask why I bought Zoom H5, since I already have Zoom H2, so here are my reasons.

I shoot lots of live videos of bands which we play with, and the biggest problem is usually the audio. Before all I got was the room sound recorded by Zoom H2, but that is often quite messy and reverberant. So I wanted to get also the direct audio from the mixer, which I could mix with the room audio. […] Read more!