Upcoming shows in Helsinki

New shows coming up! We’ve been keeping it a bit quiet the past couple months working on a new single release. Now we’re pretty much getting to the last mile on that so we’re ready get back on stage more often. And if you’re around Helsinki things are actually looking pretty nice.

Kuvankaappaus 2015-4-1 kello 15.05.10

Here are the upcoming live dates at the moment.

04.04.2015 Gloria, Helsinki FIN [All Ages] (Acoustic)
04.04.2015 Gloria, Helsinki FIN [18+]
17.04.2015 Bar Loose, Helsinki FIN [18+]
16.05.2015 Tavastia, Helsinki FIN [All Ages]
14.06.2015 Brahen kenttä, Helsinki FIN [All Ages]

The Gloria show this weekend is actually two shows. […] Read more!