Please Return My Heart – New Song Out Now

Dear Crafters, the wait is over! I’ve been promising for ages that we’d release a new song soon. So, today, I am happy to tell you the day has come. Our new single Please Return My Heart is out now on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and a bunch of other digital music stores and services.


Now, of course, the ones who follow us actively on social media, or on Spotify for example, knew this already. […] Read more!

We’re playing Tavastia May 16th

Tavastia is probably one of the most (if not THE most) legendary rock clubs in Helsinki. May 16th is also a pretty legendary date Pop-Punk-wise for obvious reasons. That must mean only one thing: our show at Tavastia on May 16th is going to be legendary!


In case you don’t read Finnish. The show is at Tavastia, Helsinki on May 16th. The show is during 2pm – 5pm and it is allowed for all ages. […] Read more!