Please Return My Heart and Max Payne 3 Effects!

YEAH! Can you still remember our latest video Please Return My Heart? If not, you should definitely check it out before reading this post:

When I had cut the whole video I thought that I should add some sort of an effect on this video. I decided to ask from Otto and Tom for some suggestions and Tom said that I should go for Max Payne 3 effects. I checked out the first Max Payne 3 trailer that I could find, and it was this one:

There are two different effects: RGB split and strong desaturation combined with boosted exposure. […] Read more!

NHL 16 Early Access – What has changed!

Xbox One and EA Access offer a possibility to try ten hours of NHL 16 before release, so I had to test it! Internet is full on New Features lists, so I don’t go through them. Instead, I’ll concentrate on everything more important!

When I turned on the game, I noticed that it starts a bit faster than NHL 15. In the beginning you must choose your favorite team (I picked Boston Bruins) and settings. I created my custom settings, which included skill stick, superstar and hardcore. […] Read more!