Live at Kamppi Tomorrow, Saturday Nov 28th

This Fall, we’ve been busy finding the new bass player and getting everything ready to record some new songs in the Spring. But you know, when there’s an event at the Kamppi Shopping Center, we’re definitely there!

So, we are playing a full-length acoustic show at Kamppi, Helsinki Finland tomorrow on Saturday November 28th. Our showtime is around 6pm, though there is something happening throughout the day. The event is free for all ages. […] Read more!

Shows in December: Semifinal + Kanneltalo, Helsinki

Time to climb out of the rehearsal studio and hit the stage again! We are playing two shows in Helsinki in December. First one being an all-out rock show at Semifinal and the second one being an acoustic one at Kanneltalo.


The Semifinal show will be taking place on Thursday, December 4th. Joining us we have two awesome bands: Blind Channel from Oulu and Mekanism from Tampere. The doors open at 8pm and we will be playing second. […] Read more!

Awesome acoustic weekend

Feels like this Monday is extra hard since we had such an amazing weekend. Now, trying to get used to the normal life after playing three awesome acoustic shows and meeting such amazing people, is nothing short of an impossible task.


Still, I would gladly pay the price of a Monday morning after a weekend like this. I mean look at that. How can you not just love every minute of being on stage, performing to a crowd like that? […] Read more!

Live at Kamppi, Helsinki on Friday

It’s that time again! We are playing an acoustic show at the Kamppi Shopping Center in Helsinki on Friday August 29th. The stage will be right in the middle of the bottom floor of the shopping center.

Our showtime is at 5.30 pm and we have a meet & greet right after that at 6 pm. The meet & greet will held in the 5th floor.

The event is free of charge for all ages, so you got no excuses not to come and say hi. […] Read more!

We played with King The Kid and it was awesome

We got to play an acoustic show with King The Kid a little over a week ago. If you’ve followed them at all, you probably already guessed that it was pretty awesome.

King The Kid is an amazing Pop Rock band from the United States. The guys were on their way through Europe when they landed in Helsinki, Finland to play an acoustic show. After a few coincidences we ended up arranging another show for us to play together at Bar Bäkkäri. […] Read more!

Live Tonight With King The Kid (US)

King The Kid is an awesome band who know their way around the internet. And around the world apparently. They’re on an acoustic tour around Europe and are performing right here in Helsinki, Finland tonight.

And the best part is we get to play with them!

So tonight starting at 9pm at Bar Bäkkäri, Helsinki: MadCraft and King The Kid live. Free Entry for everyone over 18.

mc_event_cover_2014_kingthekid_800x600_2 […] Read more!

Acoustic Cover of “Lagwagon – May 16”


Like all great songs, Lagwagon – May 16 is familiar from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2. I got the idea of making an acoustic cover from Ville, my ex-roommate.

It all started over three years ago. What took me so long was the fact that I suck at remembering lyrics. Since I don’t listen to them, it’s very hard for me to remember them at all. So I had to repeat the song multiple times with the lyrics in front of me before I could even think about shooting the cover. […] Read more!

Right on Kamppi



We played at the Kamppi Center in downtown Helsinki last Friday and I got to say, it was pretty awesome! Or maybe even more than that. It was f’in insane!

Kamppi is one of the biggest shopping centers in Helsinki with two bus terminals, so it wasn’t a surprise that there would be people there. In addition to that our showtime was at prime time at 5pm when there’s most traffic going through. But still! […] Read more!

Today live at Kamppi, Helsinki



Showtime! Today we our acoustic endeavors at one of the most crowded shopping centers in Helsinki. We’re playing at the bottom floor of the Kamppi center at 5pm as a part of a Spring season opening event. The event is free for all ages.

There’s even been some advertising around the city of our upcoming performance. It’s always nice and surprising to see your own face in an ad board somewhere. Or at least in this case. […] Read more!

Tonight Live at Zet-baari, Salo



We’re playing an acoustic show at Zet-baari, Salo tonight. I know I already wrote about a few days ago but I’m gonna do it again because… why not?!

So, Salo. That’s a city in Finland about an hour’s drive from Helsinki. Our showtime for tonight is going to be at 11pm. The venue’s name Zet-baari stands from Z-bar, so the age limit is obviously 18+.

If you’re around, we hope to see you tonight! 🙂

Ps. […] Read more!