Back from Norway

Norje 12



We’re back. Safe and sound. In case you’re wondering where we were, we took a trip to Bergen, Norway to play a show as part the Artists In The Plus Online Music Festival. So it was an online gig and a traditional gig at the same time.

The whole trip was a success thanks to the amazing Myrna Braza and her crew that took such good care of us the whole time. We got to do a lot of awesome things and of course the show itself was amazing. […] Read more!

Live online today



We just got back from Norway a couple days ago but we’re already at it again. Continuing with the Artists In The Plus hype, today we’re going to kick off their new In The Plus Wednesday show. You can watch the show online at


The showtime for the show will be:
8 pm CEST
9 pm Finnish time
2 pm EDT
11 am PDT

We will play some songs acoustically and answer some questions. […] Read more!

Live from Norway

Norway! That’s where we’re going on Saturday. Live at Biblioteket Bar, Bergen Norway on September 28th. Sounds about right. And boy are we stoked to be playing there!

The show is not just any show but a show part of the Artists In The Plus Online Music Festival. It’s a music festival that’s happening around the world. Bands and artists all over the globe are performing online on Google+ Hagnouts starting tomorrow Sep 27th all the way till the 30th. […] Read more!

10 000 views



Heyyyeah! We’re past 10 000 views on our music video for Happy Song on YouTube. That’s pretty sweet if you ask me.

Of course 10k is not the point to stop. So let’s get that baby up to 20k next. Right?!

Why not share it on Facebook or Twitter right about now? That’s the spirit!

We’re also nominated for Artist Of The Month on Artists In The Plus. All the help is really appreciated so go and vote for us here. […] Read more!

Opening for Bam Margera! …and Instagram

So I’m gonna let you in on some things that have happened lately. You know that you should be updating the blog more often when you got a problem of giving each post a title because the posts have more than one thing going on.

Well anyway. The biggest thing since I don’t know when is probably this. We’re opening for Bam Margera and his band on Virgin Oil Co. here in Helsinki. That is huge!

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Arvatkaas! Meijän YouTube -videoita on katottu yhteensä jo yli 200 000 kertaa. Kakssataatuhatta! Se on aika älytön määrä. Alkaahan siellä noita videoitaki olla jo tietty mut ei se yhtään vähennä katselujen arvoa. Melkeinpä päinvastoin. Tasasen varmaa laatua siis. Siistii!

Ja Juholla edistyy kuulemma uus musavideo, joten seki sieltä tulee ennen pitkää. Päästään kohta näkee ekaa versiota siitä.

Käytiin tänään myös laittamassa viisumihakemukset vetämään Pietarin reissua varten. Pientä jännitystä tuo, että viisumien pitäis valmistua 28.11., joka on se päivä, kun lähetään Britteihin.

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Acoustic album and more

I’m gonna take a second from playing Angry Birds Star Wars. Now now, it’s a good game! Not going to stop my Sum 41 marathon though. Just going to let it play in the background as I let you guys know what’s hot in the World Of MadCraft (pun intended).

If you’ve been following us on social media (like Facebook, Google+ or Twitter) you probably know that we’re working on an acoustic album. Well, we’ve been at it the past year almost since we began releasing acoustic songs monthly earlier this year.

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UK here we come!

A lot of cool stuff has happened this week!

The whole thing started with this. We were in the middle of nowhere. Deep in the Finnish forests. Playing a show… Yeah! We were playing an acoustic show in the middle of the forest. “Why?” You might ask. Well, we were playing at a scouts camp. They had build a stage and had a sound system and everything. It was pretty cool. And everyone was so excited and loud.

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Parrrrty Yo!

Nyt on kyllä aika bileet! Vaikka tää viikko onki aika hiljanen maanantaita lukuunottamatta, ehtii tapahtua näköjään kaikkee hulluu.

Noniinno… Toi kuva nyt jo itessään on aika hullu. Mitä ihmettä Otto tekee keskellä metsää poimimassa marjoja?!

Siihen vastatakseni tarvii mennä maanantaille. Oltiin maanantaina Kymenlaaksossa partioleirillä akustisella keikalla. Sitä vois miettiä, miten ihmeessä keskellä metsää voi vetää keikan mutta sinne oli rakennettu upee iso lava ja roudattu paikalle aggregaatti, josta saatiin sähköt ja keikkee.

Ympäristöki oli Otolle sopiva.

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