So what happened to MadCraft in 2013?



We have a great feeling about the upcoming year and we definitely intend to make it the year of #teamMadCraft. Heck, let’s do that together!

As 2014 is knocking on the door, it’s a good idea to take a look at what happened in the year 2013. This past year has been one of the most solid years we’ve had so far and we’re all set to achieve great things next year!

2014_teammadcraftBy the end of 2012 we had our line-up running stronger than ever before. […] Read more!

Back from Norway

Norje 12



We’re back. Safe and sound. In case you’re wondering where we were, we took a trip to Bergen, Norway to play a show as part the Artists In The Plus Online Music Festival. So it was an online gig and a traditional gig at the same time.

The whole trip was a success thanks to the amazing Myrna Braza and her crew that took such good care of us the whole time. We got to do a lot of awesome things and of course the show itself was amazing. […] Read more!

Playlist: Music from Norway

We’re flying off to Norway tomorrow. That if anything is exciting! Sticking to the theme we decided to list our favorite music from our nordic neighbour. This one is full of wild cards since none of us really has a lot of Norwegian artists in our back pockets. Without further ado: Music from Norway!

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1. Dimmu Borgir – Mourning Palace
This list would’t be a true Norwegian list without Dimmu Borgir! […] Read more!

Live from Norway

Norway! That’s where we’re going on Saturday. Live at Biblioteket Bar, Bergen Norway on September 28th. Sounds about right. And boy are we stoked to be playing there!

The show is not just any show but a show part of the Artists In The Plus Online Music Festival. It’s a music festival that’s happening around the world. Bands and artists all over the globe are performing online on Google+ Hagnouts starting tomorrow Sep 27th all the way till the 30th. […] Read more!

10 000 views



Heyyyeah! We’re past 10 000 views on our music video for Happy Song on YouTube. That’s pretty sweet if you ask me.

Of course 10k is not the point to stop. So let’s get that baby up to 20k next. Right?!

Why not share it on Facebook or Twitter right about now? That’s the spirit!

We’re also nominated for Artist Of The Month on Artists In The Plus. All the help is really appreciated so go and vote for us here. […] Read more!