Playlist: My First mp3’s

If you had a PC in the late 90’s before all those iPhones and iPods, you probably listened to your mp3’s on Winamp. At least that’s what we did. If you read the unfortunate news in the past weeks, you might be as sorry as we are about Winamp shutting down. Even if we don’t use the software any more, it truly is a heartwarming legacy app from the golden age of mp3’s.

That’s why this week we are doing a playlist of our first mp3’s and favorite songs of that era. […] Read more!

Playlist: Best Children Of Bodom Songs

Growing up as a kid in Finland at the turn of the millennium, you really could not get away from Children Of Bodom. Finland is the land of a thousand lakes with long, cold, dark Winters so it’s not all sunshine and happiness out here. Even if we try to make it so.

Still, even if Children Of Bodom are a heavy and ripping melodic death metal band they have some unbelievable talent and amazing songwriting. […] Read more!

RoadWorn – Marshall Vintage Modern 2266



When I bought my first amp I had no idea what kind of sound I was after and I really didn’t know anything about different manufacturers. The guy in the music store advised me to start with a Line 6 combo, which models different amps. I used that at home and on few small gigs for years, but deep inside I still knew that the combination of a Line 6 modeling amp and a combo is not suitable for playing real shows. […] Read more!

Playlist: Best Cover Songs

Another week, another playlist. To celebrate our new blog design, we’re going to blast out some cover tunes. Next up the Best Cover Songs.

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1. Killswitch Engage – Holy Diver (Dio)

This is how you do a cover! Make it sound like your band, but give a little salute to the original! I think this is the greatest cover of all time! Really well planned scream-vocals and metal-core riffs that compliment the song just the right way. […] Read more!