How To GIF Photos




After a few years gifs are coming back to MadCraft’s roster. They are the most old school form of internet animation and on their best when they are short and repeat to infinity with full speed. Gifs can be extracted from videos, but personally I prefer gifs that are made from a series of actual photos. Video GIFs feel somehow fake and even too easy.

To be able to do a gif, you need a series of photos. […] Read more!

Live from Norway

Norway! That’s where we’re going on Saturday. Live at Biblioteket Bar, Bergen Norway on September 28th. Sounds about right. And boy are we stoked to be playing there!

The show is not just any show but a show part of the Artists In The Plus Online Music Festival. It’s a music festival that’s happening around the world. Bands and artists all over the globe are performing online on Google+ Hagnouts starting tomorrow Sep 27th all the way till the 30th. […] Read more!