MadCraft at Tubecon 2016

It’s that time of year again! Tubecon—the biggest YouTube convention in Europe—is coming to Helsinki, Finland. And we’re performing!


Not only are we playing a ridiculously over-the-top show on the main stage, we’re also doing a bunch of other stuff, such as Meet & Greets, and being nominated in the Finnish YouTube Awards as well.

Now, Tubecon can be somewhat overwhelming with all the people there and the vastness of the different stuff going on. […] Read more!

Shows this week: Ranta14 + Tubecon

We are playing two shows this week. On Friday Ranta14, Lohja and on Saturday Tubecon, Hartwall Arena, Helsinki. Those are the first two on our 7-shows-in-two-and-a-half-weeks sprint.


On Friday at Ranta14, Lohja we will be playing at 5.30 pm. The show is free for all ages. Check out more information (in Finnish) at the Ranta14 Facebook event.

On Saturday at Tubecon, Hartwall Arena, Helsinki we will be playing at 3.20 pm. We also have a meet & greet at 4.30 pm. […] Read more!

TubeCon 2014 Here We Come!

We are playing at TubeCon in Hartwall Arena, Helsinki on August 16th. And not just anywhere there but on the main stage. That’s huge!


Hartwall Arena – or Helsinki Arena – is the biggest indoors arena in Helsinki and one of the biggest – if not the biggest – in whole of Finland. That’s the place where they arrange the Hockey World Championships whenever they’re in Finland. And that’s the place where all the biggest artists play when you can’t play outdoors. […] Read more!

Joe Bonamassa live in Helsinki



I’m a huge guitar hero fan. And I don’t mean just the game even if I own almost every single one of them. But you know, real human guitar heroes. Though some might argue that some of them are closer to gods than humans. At least Yngwie Malmsteen is.

Yngwie is not the only guitar hero I enjoy listening to. One of the more bluesy ones is the amazing Joe Bonamassa. And what do you know, he decided to make our lives better by playing a show right here in Helsinki, Finland. […] Read more!