MadCraft at Tubecon 2016

It’s that time of year again! Tubecon—the biggest YouTube convention in Europe—is coming to Helsinki, Finland. And we’re performing!


Not only are we playing a ridiculously over-the-top show on the main stage, we’re also doing a bunch of other stuff, such as Meet & Greets, and being nominated in the Finnish YouTube Awards as well.

Now, Tubecon can be somewhat overwhelming with all the people there and the vastness of the different stuff going on. […] Read more!

Pics from Virgin Oil Co.



We played a show at Virgin Oil Co. in our hometown of Helsinki, Finland last Friday. We’d played there once before opening for Bam Margera and just like then this time, too, was awesome!

Virgin Oil Co. is a nice venue. The stage is big enough for you to really enjoy playing there. Thought I’d share a few great pics from the show with you guys.

Anyway, we had so much fun. And thanks goes out to everyone there! […] Read more!

Live at Virgin Oil Co., Helsinki on Friday



We are playing live at Virgin Oil Co. in Helsinki this Friday. And that’s May 2nd, so you know. It’s gonna be one hell of an evening with Hybrid Children and Wolfmen accompanying us. You can buy the tickets in advance from Tiketti. Age 18+.

Here are the showtimes for the evening.

22.00 Doors open
22.30 Wolfmen
23.30 Madcraft
00:30 Hybrid Children

So be sure to arrive around 11pm to catch our set from the beginning! […] Read more!

Right on Kamppi



We played at the Kamppi Center in downtown Helsinki last Friday and I got to say, it was pretty awesome! Or maybe even more than that. It was f’in insane!

Kamppi is one of the biggest shopping centers in Helsinki with two bus terminals, so it wasn’t a surprise that there would be people there. In addition to that our showtime was at prime time at 5pm when there’s most traffic going through. But still! […] Read more!

The story of a drum stick, starring me as a fan girl



Here I am, having a relaxing weekend, time to scrape some blog text! First of all, I have a new drum cover out in case you haven’t noticed. This time we’re serving some All Time Low, the song being one of the many cool tunes off from their latest album Don’t Panic. And by cool I’m foremostly meaning the drum parts. As I have mentioned earlier, I love how the ATL-drummer Rian Dawson has kept his drumming genuine and complex during the years of the band evolving from a small pop punk band to a world-known rock band. […] Read more!

All Time Low Helsinki setlist #aloveliketour

All Time Low are playing in Helsinki tonight. Alex posted the setlist for tonight on Instagram so we decided to put together a Spotify playlist of the songs to be heard to night.

The setlist for the Helsinki show goes like this:

Do You Want Me (Dead?)
So Long Soldier
The Irony Of Choking On A Lifesaver
For Baltimore
Break Your Little Heart
Lost In Stereo
Six Feet Under The Stars
Remembering Sunday
Me Without You (All I Ever Wanted)
Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)
Coffee Shop Soundtrack
Somewhere In Neverland
Back Seat Serenade
Oh, Calamity
The Reckless And The Brave
A Love Like War
Dear Maria Count Me In

Looks like a pretty solid setlist to me. […] Read more!

New live dates: Hämeenlinna, Hyvinkää


We have a couple new live dates on the calendar. Remember you’ll always find the latest dates at Here goes.

14.02.2014 Suisto, Hämeenlinna [18+] (acoustic)
04.03.2014 Kauppakeskus Willa, Hyvinkää [-S-] (acoustic)
21.03.2014 Zet-baari, Salo [18+] (acoustic)
22.03.2014 House Of Rock, Kouvola [18+]
04.04.2014 Dog’s Home, Tampere [18+]
11.04.2014 Kamppi, Helsinki [-S-] (acoustic)
28.05.2014 Käenpesä, Perniö [18+] (acoustic)
31.05.2014 Katse, Jyväskylä [18+]

In Finnish:

Meille tuli pari uutta keikkapäivää kalenteriin. […] Read more!

Happy Song for bass!




I finally had some spare time to make you a full score of Happy Song’s bass lines! I made both, notation and tabulatures and you can download them in the end of this post! I chose Happy Song because it has all the basic punk-bass habits going on in there… really fast syncopated picking, some melodic lines and holding the bottom of the song. This might be my favorite bass track I have recorded in years and I really wanted to share it with you all! […] Read more!

All Time Low coming to Finland!!!



Here’s a thing that made my yesterday:

I got a message from a friend, to whom I actually teach playing the drums. Not long ago we were checking out a gig by Limp Bizkit, which needless to say was awesome. During the aftermath we talked about bands we’d like to see live. The first and brightest wish in my mind was of course All Time Low coming to Finland one day. And this was the message I got yesterday, All Time Low coming to Finland. […] Read more!

Hard-working musician or hardly working?



Hi Y’all!

I haven’t really talked about me trying to “make my living” as a professional musician. Sometimes I think it might affect a little bit on my credibility as a “rock-musician” when I play wedding gigs and party gigs with my suit on. Or when I teach kids in elementary school and try to act like a grown up teacher! Haha, Imagine THAT! 🙂

Well, I am really blessed that in Madcraft the guys are super-understanding and positive about these things! […] Read more!