New live videos

New year, time for new videos! Well, relatively new at least. The most eager of you have probably already seen these two live videos from the end of last year, but I noticed there’s not a mention of them right here. And since I’d like to think our blog is the go-to place for all things MadCraft, I just have to put them out here. So here we go!

The first one is a take on Never Had The Guts from our show at The Circus, Helsinki. […] Read more!

Live video from Tubecon

We played one of our biggest shows ever at Tubecon, Hartwall Arena, Helsinki some time ago. Being Finland’s biggest YouTube event, the whole thing was of course filmed and streamed. Now the first part of the stream has been released on YouTube for everyone to enjoy.

You can find our performance starting around 54:00. Check it out!

[…] Read more!

All I Want (Is You) – New live video out


I’m gonna leave to a little vacation for the upcoming week. But don’t worry! We’ll leave on good terms. And besides, you guys will have Juho and Jesse taking care of you while I’m gone.

And to make things even better, we just released a new live video from our show at Bar Bäkkäri last Friday. Now, it’s not a huge venue but the atmosphere was good and we had a ton of fun playing there. […] Read more!