MadCraft at Tubecon 2016

It’s that time of year again! Tubecon—the biggest YouTube convention in Europe—is coming to Helsinki, Finland. And we’re performing!


Not only are we playing a ridiculously over-the-top show on the main stage, we’re also doing a bunch of other stuff, such as Meet & Greets, and being nominated in the Finnish YouTube Awards as well.

Now, Tubecon can be somewhat overwhelming with all the people there and the vastness of the different stuff going on. […] Read more!

Holy sh*t! We’re opening for Simple Plan

Holy sh*t! That is pretty much the way we felt when we got the word that we would be opening for Simple Plan. This Canadian 5-piece is probably one of the favorite bands of any Pop Punk fan. Obviously, we are huge fans of Simple Plan as well.


We are opening for Simple Plan at The Circus, Helsinki on Saturday May 28th. I believe you can still get tickets, if your quick. We will be announcing showtimes, once we know about them in more detail. […] Read more!

Live at Kamppi Tomorrow, Saturday Nov 28th

This Fall, we’ve been busy finding the new bass player and getting everything ready to record some new songs in the Spring. But you know, when there’s an event at the Kamppi Shopping Center, we’re definitely there!

So, we are playing a full-length acoustic show at Kamppi, Helsinki Finland tomorrow on Saturday November 28th. Our showtime is around 6pm, though there is something happening throughout the day. The event is free for all ages. […] Read more!

MadCraft East Europe Tour Kicks Off Tomorrow

We had an amazing show playing for an audience of 10 000 people at Tubecon 2015, Hartwall Arena, Helsinki. Probably our best show ever. I’ll just let this picture speak for itself.


Tomorrow we are heading to Eastern Europe. Latvia, Poland, Ukraine. Check out the tour dates below:

19.8.2015 Depo, Riga LV
20.8.2015 Kominpub Motocyklowy, Suwalki POL
21.8.2015 Maidan, Lutsk UA
22.8.2015 Divan, Kiev UA
23.8.2015 Skhid-Rock, Trostyanets UA
24.8.2015 Pub Nove Mesto, Rivne UA
29.8.2015 Sun Dance Day, Hyvinkää FIN

See you at the shows! […] Read more!

MadCraft Shows in August

I would dare to say it’s been long enough since we were last seen on stage. I know we played some acoustic stuff about a week ago but I’m talking about the real stuff. Marshalls and everything! You know what I’m talking about.

Well, I’m glad to tell you the wait is over. We have a bunch of shows in August to break this little Summer break we’ve had.


Aug 8th ABC Palokka, Jyväskylä FIN [all ages]
Aug 9th Down By The Simojoki, Simo FIN [all ages]
Aug 15th Tubecon, Hartwall Areena, Helsinki FIN [all ages]
Aug 23th Skhid-Rock, Trostyanets UA
Aug 29th Sun Dance Day, Hyvinkää FIN [all ages]

First up we’re playing some acoustic stuff at a Tubecon meetup at ABC Palokka, Jyväskylä on Saturday August 8th. […] Read more!

We’re playing Tavastia May 16th

Tavastia is probably one of the most (if not THE most) legendary rock clubs in Helsinki. May 16th is also a pretty legendary date Pop-Punk-wise for obvious reasons. That must mean only one thing: our show at Tavastia on May 16th is going to be legendary!


In case you don’t read Finnish. The show is at Tavastia, Helsinki on May 16th. The show is during 2pm – 5pm and it is allowed for all ages. […] Read more!

Upcoming shows in Helsinki

New shows coming up! We’ve been keeping it a bit quiet the past couple months working on a new single release. Now we’re pretty much getting to the last mile on that so we’re ready get back on stage more often. And if you’re around Helsinki things are actually looking pretty nice.

Kuvankaappaus 2015-4-1 kello 15.05.10

Here are the upcoming live dates at the moment.

04.04.2015 Gloria, Helsinki FIN [All Ages] (Acoustic)
04.04.2015 Gloria, Helsinki FIN [18+]
17.04.2015 Bar Loose, Helsinki FIN [18+]
16.05.2015 Tavastia, Helsinki FIN [All Ages]
14.06.2015 Brahen kenttä, Helsinki FIN [All Ages]

The Gloria show this weekend is actually two shows. […] Read more!

New live videos

New year, time for new videos! Well, relatively new at least. The most eager of you have probably already seen these two live videos from the end of last year, but I noticed there’s not a mention of them right here. And since I’d like to think our blog is the go-to place for all things MadCraft, I just have to put them out here. So here we go!

The first one is a take on Never Had The Guts from our show at The Circus, Helsinki. […] Read more!

Pics from Semifinal

We played a show at Semifinal, Helsinki on Thursday. We hadn’t played Helsinki in a while. In fact, it was our first show in Helsinki in a couple months. Whenever there’s been that long you kinda start to wonder if anyone’s gonna show up.

But you know what?! Someone did. Actually, some pretty awesome folks came and we had so much fun on stage.

[…] Read more!

Live at Kulttuuriareena 44, Kuopio tomorrow

We have recharged our batteries after our trip to up north and are ready for action!

This weekend we are playing a show in Kuopio. More precisely, at Kulttuuriareena 44 on Saturday. Our showtime will be at 8.30 pm.

The event is a YouTube convention – not as big as Tubecon, but still – and is free for all ages. The whole thing starts at 4 pm.

madcraftVirginOil02053_cropped […] Read more!