MadCraft website updated

Do you guys remember our website? Do you guys remember websites at all these days? Well, despite this blog and all that social media goodness, we actually do have a website.

You can find it at and it has now been updated with a new Social Media section. To be honest, the section itself is not new but the contents are.

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I used a jQuery-php-plugin called Social Stream that collects all your social media content into one view. […] Read more!

Happy Song for bass!




I finally had some spare time to make you a full score of Happy Song’s bass lines! I made both, notation and tabulatures and you can download them in the end of this post! I chose Happy Song because it has all the basic punk-bass habits going on in there… really fast syncopated picking, some melodic lines and holding the bottom of the song. This might be my favorite bass track I have recorded in years and I really wanted to share it with you all! […] Read more!

Bass sounds!

More bass-related stuff? Hell yeah!



So, here we go again! I would like to talk about some great bass sounds on punk/pop music. Last time I talked about basses and now I will make you listen to them!


1. Mark Hoppus / Blink 182

Surprise? I think Mark’s sound is one of the most iconic pop/punk sounds out there. Really bright and clear sound that sticks out from the bands mix really easily. Notice also how Mark plays chords almost all the time just to support the bands overall sound. […] Read more!

Happy Song – New Music Video Out!

So if you’ve been around at all recently, you probably already know that we have a new single out accompanied by an official music video. Entitled “Happy Song” you can find the single on iTunes, Spotify and sorts. The video can be found on YouTube. Why don’t we check it out right about now?

The video got featured on the Artists On The Plus website as the Video of the Week. Also sites like Kaaoszine, Pop-Punk’s Not Dead, Infectious Magazine and I Am Drum gave their shout-outs for Happy Song.

[…] Read more!