Camera For Music Photography And Videography



When I got interested in photography for real, I needed a new camera that could handle all the different situations. I was into shooting live shows and some backstage material.

So the camera had to perform well in low light situations and have video capabilities. Since pocket sized cameras are not designed for extreme low light performance, it had to be a DSLR. And I wanted go with one from a major brand.

Every photographer knows about the war between Canon and Nikon users. […] Read more!

What Camera Do You Use?

MadCraft Bus


As you may have seen, we do almost everything ourselves and we definitely appreciate the DIY aspect of our band. We produce and record our own music, and in addition to that we shoot our photos and videos ourselves (except all the live gig photos…). We started out with just some simple compact cameras and handycams, but after a while we felt that we had to find something better.

Canon DSLR

For all the more serious work we use Canon DSLRs, such as Canon 60D and Canon 600D. […] Read more!