Pop Punk You’ve Never Heard But You Should Vol. 10

HEY it’s already the 10th episode of the less known pop punk bands! For some reason I’ve included six bands to this playlist.

Spotify – via Iframely

Above The Underground

Above The Underground is from UK. Sometimes the singer reminds me of Billy Talent.


I Am Empire

I Am Empire comes from San Jose. This might not be that much pop punk, but their music is a bit like Piece The Veil. And hey, Vic Fuentes from Pierce The Veil feats in All Time Low’s A Love Like War! […] Read more!

Pop Punk You’ve Never Heard But You Should Vol. 9

It’s time for more pop punk!

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It’s hard to find anything about betterLUCK, since Better Luck Next Time is such a big name in pop punk scene nowadays. You have to google the band name with their album name “hatelovelifeparty” in order to receive some relevant results. However, they come from Texas and here’s their MySpace page.


Your Favorite Franchise

Your Favorite Franchise is from Miami, Florida. They describe themselves as a proof that DIY mentality is more then viable way to be successful in music industry! […] Read more!

Pop Punk You’ve Never Heard But You Should Vol. 8

Spotify – via Iframely

From Dawn To Fall

WHOA! It’s been so long since I actually picked these bands that I’m surprised how good From Dawn To Fall is! For some reason they call them selves FDTF. Another thing that surprises me that these guys come from Vienna, Austria. Before this I didn’t know any bands from Austria, I guess I should check out more of them.


Random Hero

Random Hero is from Colorado, and they describe their genre active rock, whatever that is. […] Read more!

Pop Punk You’ve Never Heard But You Should Vol. 6

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve linked each band’s Facebook page to the titles! Go and like bands that you think were great!

Spotify – via Iframely

Pilot Around The Stars

Oh Shit!! These guys come from Ohio and they even have a MySpace page!


On Call Heroes

On Call Heroes was formed by two identical brothers from Canada. Even though I don’t really like their lyrics, it’s quite sad that they posted “RIP OCH” to Facebook in 30th of November last year. […] Read more!

Pop Punk You’ve Never Heard But You Should Vol. 5

Usually I pick two or three songs from each band to this pop punk playlist, but this time I had to make an exception.

Spotify – via Iframely

So Many Ways

I’ve been returning back to this band so many times that I just had to include 4 of their songs to the list. If something else than MadCraft can be called superpowered then it has to be So Many Ways! The band comes from Chicago and describes them as fast music for fast people. […] Read more!

Pop Punk You’ve Never Heard But You Should Vol. 4

It seems that this time all the bands that I found are from North America!

Spotify – via Iframely


Seaway is a Canadian pop punk band and was formed in Oakville. The members of the band have been friends since school, which is quite cool!


Forever Came Calling

From Facebook biografia: Dudes in a band. What else do you need to know? Forever Came Calling is a pop punk band from California. They have quite fast songs, which I like! […] Read more!

Pop Punk You’ve Never Heard But You Should Vol. 1

Have you ever been bored of listening to those same old All Time Low, New Found Glory and Simple Plan? I was, so I decided to seek for new bands from Spotify’s related artists lists. Then I gathered the good ones and created them into playlists, so I could share them with you guys. So without a furter ado, here’s the first playlist!

Spotify – via Iframely

The Friday Prophets

This has actually nothing to do with pop punk, since they are more punk rock. […] Read more!

Please Return My Heart – New Song Out Now

Dear Crafters, the wait is over! I’ve been promising for ages that we’d release a new song soon. So, today, I am happy to tell you the day has come. Our new single Please Return My Heart is out now on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and a bunch of other digital music stores and services.


Now, of course, the ones who follow us actively on social media, or on Spotify for example, knew this already. […] Read more!

New Video Out: Friends Theme Pop Punk Cover

We are finally back with some new videos! This one is definitely a long time favorite cover of ours. We’ve been playing this one live for years now and finally managed to get it on tape.

Friends is an awesome classic of a TV show with an even more awesome theme song. Since there didn’t seem to be a proper Pop Punk cover of it, we decided to step up and get you guys one.

So there you go! […] Read more!

Shining Bright Official Acoustic Video out now!



Like we yesterday promised the Official Acoustic video for Shining Bright is now out on YouTube. Hooray!

The video is basically the sequel to the original Music Video since it has the footage from the rest of the UMK competition right up until the final. I’m so glad Juho had the patience to carry that camera with him everywhere all the way through. The whole thing was definitely an experience to remember and now we have something to remind us. […] Read more!