MadCraft Lightroom Preset Pack – Early 2016

I like to use Lightroom for editing the photos that I shoot on the road. For each event I try to create a different recognizable look, which I then save as a Lightroom presets. Usually I’ve shared only one preset at a time, but now I decided to gather all presets from late 2015 to early 2016 in one zip-file. I ended up with this period, because all of these presets were made for photos shot with Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark 2. […] Read more!

Blink-182 – All The Small Things Cover Lightroom Preset


Previously I showed how I color corrected the cover of Blink-182 – All The Small Things in Premiere Pro.

This time I tried to create the same look with Lightroom.

The original frame looks like this.


I started by lifting the highlights and whites on the Lightroom’s Basic module. I also increased the temperature a bit.


Then I used SplitToning to achieve similar colors as in Premiere version. I pushed the highlights towards green and shadows towards blue. […] Read more!

Color Grading A Cloudy Day Vlog


If you’re into Pop Punk, you probably want your videos represent the look and feel of the genre. Preferably, everything should be colorful and feel like Summer. However, it’s often pretty cloudy here in Finland, so it can be pretty hard to get that feel-good Summer vibe. That’s where color grading comes into place.

I shared my camera settings in my previous blog post How to Color Grade a Vlog. Lately I’ve been using a new preset, which is more colorful and feels more like Summer. […] Read more!

Summer Festival Concert Lightroom Preset


Some prefer Photoshop as their main photo editing software, but I use only Lightroom. The photos are shot in RAW format, which gives more options in post-production stage, and I suggest that you shoot all your photos in RAW format too.

Often I just edit one image, make a preset of the settings and then apply it on each photo I want to publish. Usually the preset does the thing, but some of the photos might need minor adjustments depending on the lightning conditions and contents of the photo itself. […] Read more!