Views, views, views!

If you’re in a band in this modern age, the chances are you have your songs on YouTube. And if you’re a fan, the chances are you’re listening to most of your music in the very same place.

Now, you don’t have to even guess that that’s the case with us too. So, whenever we find out one of our videos has hit round numbers, we can’t help but be super stoked!

Recently, we’ve had not just one but multiple videos hit some pretty sweet evens. […] Read more!

Shining Bright now on Spotify



I wrote about how we released Shining Bright through Music Kickup a few weeks ago and how it was on iTunes the very next day. Well, turns out Spotify isn’t quite as agile on their releases.

The single was on Google Play store about a week after we got it out of our hands. But with Spotify we still had to wait a couple more weeks.

But it doesn’t matter now since it’s out and available for streaming on Spotify. […] Read more!

More #ShiningBright Covers



Jesse has been real busy for the past two weeks so we’ve been filming a lot of new drum covers. Playing covers can be pretty fun at best and apparently it goes both ways. Now, I’m not talking about Travis Barker making drum covers of our songs. But we have had some awesome covers of Shining Bright from some of you guys!

Here’s Pete Koski with his light-hearted cover.

This one of by a Finnish vlogger Timi. […] Read more!

Shining Bright single now on iTunes



We just released the acoustic video for Shining Bright two days ago.

As we uploaded the video with the final master of the song on Friday, I also sent the Shining Bright single for release on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Deezer. Two days later and it’s already on iTunes! In fact it was there last night already.


The single contains both the original and acoustic versions of the song. In short the tracklist looks like this. […] Read more!

Shining Bright Official Acoustic Video out now!



Like we yesterday promised the Official Acoustic video for Shining Bright is now out on YouTube. Hooray!

The video is basically the sequel to the original Music Video since it has the footage from the rest of the UMK competition right up until the final. I’m so glad Juho had the patience to carry that camera with him everywhere all the way through. The whole thing was definitely an experience to remember and now we have something to remind us. […] Read more!

Shining Bright Official Acoustic Video out tomorrow



We’ve been talking about the acoustic version of Shining Bright for some time. We actually had the song recorded about a month ago. We even played live a couple times. But as we found out UMK demanded our full attention and we couldn’t get it out earlier.

After it was all over I came to the realization that what we had was good but not quite good enough. I for example had recorded my main vocal parts in a bit of a hurry so I had to do those again with some more thought and concentration. […] Read more!

#teamMadCraft owns this place!



We’ve been writing new songs the past few days. Two rehearsals and two extremely competent songs. But while waiting for new songs to come out we’ve received some pretty amazing covers and remixes!

Let’s start off with two covers of Shining Bright. Both of them by amazing talented people. Can’t wait to hear more!

And here’s a guitar cover too!

We shared a remix pack of our latest song Shining Bright a while ago and people were pretty keen on downloading it. […] Read more!

Shining Bright Chords And Guitar Tabs



Earlier we gave you the lyrics of MadCraft – Shining Bright and this time you’ll get the chords and lead guitar tabs!

Jesse wrote down the chords like a pro

MadCraft – Shining Bright Chords

And here’s my guess for the lead guitar

MadCraft – Shining Bright – Guitar Tabs

Even though I don’t care about the note editions myself, here’s one with the notes also

MadCraft – Shining Bright – Guitar Tabs with Notes

Remember that you can download our MadCraft app from the App Store for free! […] Read more!

Thank You Kamppi!



We played an acoustic set at the Kamppi Center in downtown Helsinki. It was amazing to see a lot of you people there. Thank you for coming! And thanks goes out to the people working for Kamppi for letting us play there. Hope we get to do it again sometime soon!

Here’s a video of Shining Bright from Kamppi.

And hey! Don’t forget to vote us for the #UMK14 final and watch us on YLE TV2 tonight at 9pm Finnish time. […] Read more!

MadCraft iPhone app updated



Our official iPhone app got an update today. The amazing people around the internet have been translating the lyrics of Shining Bright into a bunch of different languages and dialects.

The app now includes lyrics in English, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Croatian, Romania, German, Slovenian and French. Besides that there are a couple funny Finnish dialects mixed in there.

A huge thanks to everyone contributing translations so far! If you know how to translate the lyrics into some other language, join in and we’ll add them in future updates. […] Read more!