Shining Bright – Music Video Coming Soon!



We’re almost there! Releasing the new music video for Shining Bright that is.

We just finished shooting the video yesterday. We’ve done some filming for the past couple of months here and there and we finally got everything wrapped yesterday. The last shoot took place on our beloved rehearsal palace / studio heaven.


Needless to say the video included some heavy lighting and of course the amazing and almost legendary smoke machine.

We are so stoked about it and can’t wait to get to share the video with you guys! […] Read more!

Smoking Drums!

Rollup 02



So there we were filming the drum cover for ATL’s A Love Like War when we found our old smoke machine. We hadn’t used in a couple years so obviously we needed to check if it was still working. And what better way to do that than to spice the drum cover up with some smokey vibes.

We plugged the thing in but it didn’t show any signs of life. None at all. At first though. […] Read more!