Live in London next week

It’s been a while since we’ve played abroad. But that’s not going to be the case for to long.

We’re flying to London, UK on Saturday next week to play a show as a part of an event by Artists In The Plus and Success Express.


If you knew all this already, this is the part where you need to be alert. The venue of the show has been changed to Aloft London Excel. By the looks of it seems like an a-okey place to be paying at. […] Read more!

We’re back! …and off again

We got back from UK on Monday and have spent the last few days recovering from the trip. The tour went fine. We got there and back in one piece and even got our gear with us – even if we might have had some doubt with that on the way back. Some of the staff on the airport weren’t sure if we should be allowed to bring our guitars to the cabin with us. Even if we did so just fine on the way there. […] Read more!

Ready for UK

Alright hey! Just a few days and we’re off to UK to play three shows. We’re also playing in St. Petersburg Russia on December 6th. The exciting part is that we applied for Russian visas last week and they said we can come and get them next wednesday. That’s the day we’re leaving to UK. And they have our passports. So we better hope they really have them done then. But I guess they do since they said that they would. […] Read more!

Acoustic album and more

I’m gonna take a second from playing Angry Birds Star Wars. Now now, it’s a good game! Not going to stop my Sum 41 marathon though. Just going to let it play in the background as I let you guys know what’s hot in the World Of MadCraft (pun intended).

If you’ve been following us on social media (like Facebook, Google+ or Twitter) you probably know that we’re working on an acoustic album. Well, we’ve been at it the past year almost since we began releasing acoustic songs monthly earlier this year.

[…] Read more!

One hundred gigs and a couple of drum covers

We passed our 100 Gigs mark last week. That’s pretty amazing. I mean, we put this band together a couple years ago and thought it would be cool to play just as much gigs as we could. Well, we did pretty good last year playing over 50 gigs. We just kept pushing ourselves and thinking if we keep this up we’re gonna pass 100 next year. And so we did. Wow.

And you know what? You know why it’s so great?

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