Shining Bright Official Acoustic Video out tomorrow



We’ve been talking about the acoustic version of Shining Bright for some time. We actually had the song recorded about a month ago. We even played live a couple times. But as we found out UMK demanded our full attention and we couldn’t get it out earlier.

After it was all over I came to the realization that what we had was good but not quite good enough. I for example had recorded my main vocal parts in a bit of a hurry so I had to do those again with some more thought and concentration. […] Read more!




We wanted to do something big and cool for our show on the #UMK14 final on Saturday. UMK being the equivalent of the Finnish Eurovision of course. So we are in the final that takes place on one of the biggest venues in Finland, Barona Arena. And just like the previous rounds, this one will be aired on Finnish National TV.

Last time we rehearsed a few new stage moves but this time we wanted to go bigger! […] Read more!

We made it!



We just want to tell you guys once again. #teamMadCraft you are amazing!

For those of you wondering our endless waves of spam (mostly in Finnish, sorry about that!) on Facebook and Twitter. We performed in the UMK semifinal last night on Finnish national TV. UMK being the equivalent of the Finnish Eurovision of course.

Photo: Tiia Santavirta |

And guess what!? We made it! We did it! All of us! We are in the final that takes place next Saturday. […] Read more!

Thank You Kamppi!



We played an acoustic set at the Kamppi Center in downtown Helsinki. It was amazing to see a lot of you people there. Thank you for coming! And thanks goes out to the people working for Kamppi for letting us play there. Hope we get to do it again sometime soon!

Here’s a video of Shining Bright from Kamppi.

And hey! Don’t forget to vote us for the #UMK14 final and watch us on YLE TV2 tonight at 9pm Finnish time. […] Read more!

MadCraft iPhone app updated



Our official iPhone app got an update today. The amazing people around the internet have been translating the lyrics of Shining Bright into a bunch of different languages and dialects.

The app now includes lyrics in English, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Croatian, Romania, German, Slovenian and French. Besides that there are a couple funny Finnish dialects mixed in there.

A huge thanks to everyone contributing translations so far! If you know how to translate the lyrics into some other language, join in and we’ll add them in future updates. […] Read more!

It’s up to YOU now!

semifinaali_profiilikuvaWe made it! We are in the UMK (Finnish Eurovision) semifinal. And it’s all thanks to all of you! Everyone who voted and everyone tweeting and sharing as a part of #teamMadCraft. You guys are the best!

In the semifinal it’s all about the people’s vote. No judge votes at all. So it’s our time now! Let’s take this thing all the way!

Our competition number has gone from two ones to just a single solitary one. […] Read more!

Support #teamMadCraft! Vote for 11!!!

fb_profiilikuvaOur heat for qualifications in UMK is next Saturday and that means you can already start voting. If you live in Finland you can vote by phone call, sms or online. You’ll find the info for voting in Finnish at our UMK site.

We’ve also received a pretty awesome and funny James Bond style remix of Shining Bright. If you want to create your own remix of the song, you can download the remixpack of the song here. […] Read more!

So what happened to MadCraft in 2013?



We have a great feeling about the upcoming year and we definitely intend to make it the year of #teamMadCraft. Heck, let’s do that together!

As 2014 is knocking on the door, it’s a good idea to take a look at what happened in the year 2013. This past year has been one of the most solid years we’ve had so far and we’re all set to achieve great things next year!

2014_teammadcraftBy the end of 2012 we had our line-up running stronger than ever before. […] Read more!

#UMK14 Discussion, pt. 2

Our #UMK14 vlog discussion continues with a part 2 where we talk about the other contestants in UMK. Watch to find out who we root for!

UMK-vlogi jatkuu. Tällä kertaa jutellaan meidän lemppareista. Siis muista artisteista meidän lisäks tietty! Kato niin tiiät. […] Read more!